Sugar Icing Socks

Before the year is over, I just have one more pattern that I want to release into the world.
This time for these pretty socks, which I originally made back in the summer.

I really wanted something a little more lighter and lacy at the time and I love the cute little mini shell pattern that these sock have.  All the rows lined up really reminded me of neat rows of piped icing and so that was the inspiration behind the name.

I couldn't quite decide if I preferred the sock with a regular cuff, or without the cuff and diving straight into the lace pattern.  I tried out both and was torn between the two, and in the end I thought I would include both versions in the pattern for you.  So now the decision is passed to you!

The lace pattern is very easy to follow and a very short repeat, but I included a knitting chart as well as the written instructions as I always seem to gravitate to a chart where I can.  I've also included three sizes which will hopefully cover most eventualities.

I do hope you enjoy it!

: :   S U G A R   I C I N G   S O C K S   : :

For more details and to purchase the pattern, see my pattern page:

: :

Please do share your socks, I love to see your projects.... 

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  1. I have a general question relating to one of your patterns - the Victoria shawl. I've never crocheted a shawl before and would like to make this one very much as I love it. I consider myself fairly competent but by no means advanced but I must admit to being flummoxed by a symbol used in the written directions. The said symbol is like a cross but the horizontal line dissects it at a higher point than a plus sign. I can't replicate it on my keyboard. I did google it but only found one reference for it. It was hard to google as I couldn't replicate it.

    I did wonder if it was used in a similar way to the asterisk and it seems that you do but I have honestly never seen it before. Is this a fairly recent convention or have I been under a rock? I couldn't find any reference to it's meaning on your pattern or find a tutorial for reading your patterns in general on your website. I am just really giving a bit of feed back as I really came unstuck when I came across it.

    I wonder if at some point you could do a quick run down on it's usage? The online reference just mentioned it in passing but I am still a bit concerned about if I understand it. I was giving the pattern a run through before I attempt it (not even got the yarn yet), so it could be one of those things where I am making things complicated where in reality/practice I wouldn't find it difficult.

    I was wondering what would be used instead of the cross symbol in the past - I wondered double asterisk? which I am used to. Is it called a cross or something else?

    I would be grateful for some feedback but there is no urgency as like I say I'm not ready to make it yet. I suppose I was surprised to see a new to me symbol in a written pattern where I expect it to be the crochet chart to throw up new things now and then.

    I love the shawl so much, I just saw it being worn by Katherine in Crafternoon treats and was reminded that I have the pattern. I hope I am not being too much of a nuisance asking about this.

    Thanks for any info and for all your beautiful designs, podcasts and vlogmasses - I love them all v much.

    1. Hi Sara,

      I hope you see this reply as your comment above is coming up as 'anonymous' so I have no other way of responding to you!

      To answer your question the cross symbol (†) is simply a way of marking where to end a pattern repeat. It's used in a similar way to an * or ** in patterns. The information on how to use and refer to that symbol are contained within the pattern instructions themselves. For example "end repeat at †" to indicate at where to follow the repeat instructions up to.

      Hope that makes sense!

      Sandra x

  2. Thanks very much for responding, that's what I thought when I continued reading the pattern but just seeing it initially made me wonder if it was a plus sign and I got discombobulated. (Silly me). I think it was just me having a foggy brain moment to be honest.

    Your reply does totally make sense. Thanks so much for taking the time, it's very much appreciated.