It's a Wrap!

Well, it's a wrap in the sense that I finished it and the pattern is also intended to be a wrap, but I've turned mine into a cowl!

The pattern is by Helen Stewart and is called the 'Dust of Snow Wrap' and it's a beautiful and very large scarf.  I've heard quite a few people mention that, having made it, they found it bordered on being too large for comfortable wear.  So bearing that in mind, I've made mine a little shorter and turned it into a cowl.

It's one of those patterns that is intended to be used with minis from an advent calendar.  The idea being to use all 24 different yarns.  I decided to only use 18 in the end and it would have been plenty long enough for a scarf if you ask me.  I almost didn't go through with my cowl plan once I saw the beautiful long line of gradually changing colours but in the end stuck with my theory that I'd wear it more if it was a cowl.

To begin, I'd cast on with a provisional cast on, planning to graft the live stitches together when I got to the end, but although I don't mind a little Kitchener work to close the toe of a sock or something smaller.  Tackling the longer width of the wrap did intimidate me a little and so I decided to go for the much easier option of a 3 needle bind off and you know what, I think it worked perfectly ok and although it's not totally invisible, it does hide itself really quite nicely.  Certainly well enough for me to be happy with!

I finished this one in the very last hours of 2020, while we sat a watched Jooles Holland and his socially distanced Hootenanny bring in the New Year.  Very satisfying to round up my last wip on the last day of the last month.  A fresh crafty start to 2021!  Now to get cracking on all the new makes...

First Side

Second Side

Quite unseemly!

Pattern | Dust of Snow by Helen Stewart
Yarn | A mixture of my West Green Loft and Dandelion and Dogwood minis from my 2019 Advent
Held double with Dandelion and Dogwood Feather down in 'She's Naked'
Yardage | Approx 12g of each mini colour, plus 100g mohair - 320g/1880 yards
Mods | Provisional cast on, only 18 colours used, 3 needle bind off to make cowl

D&D No 12 - Icicles
WGL No 12
D&D No 21 - Snowy Walks
D&D No 16 - Tiffany Under the Tree
D&D No 9 - Fairy Lights
WGL No 9
WGL No 10
WGL No 7
WGL No 19
D&D No 13 - Choir of Angels
WGL No 17
WGL No 14
WGL No 3
WGL No 1
D&D No 8 Salmon Patê
D&D No 15 - Vintage Fawn
D&D No 7 - Chloé for Christmas
WGL No 22

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