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Show Notes

Ravelry Group | Yarny chatter, giveaways, etc - Cherry Heart Ravelry Group

: :   MA D E   : :

Lacy Cocoon Shrug | 03:13
Pattern | from Romantic Crochet book by Emma Escott
Yarn | Drops Belle in Light Beige

: :   M A K I N G   : :

Lizzie Sweater | 07:05
Pattern | by Susanne Sommer (@susoknits)
Yarn | Drops Belle in Light Beige

Lattice Bud Shawl | 15:17
Pattern | by Me!  (View the Lattice Bud pattern)
Yarn | Either Norah George Super Sock in 'His n Hers' (blue), 
or A Homespun House in 'Bookworm' (red)

Plants in a Pot | 21:17
Pattern | by Emma Varnam from Crocheted Succulents
Yarn | Cascade Ultra Prima and various bits of stash!

: :   P I P ' s   : :
(Patterns In Progress)

Timestamp | 27:17

Patterns now available on ETSY…

: :   G O O D I E S   : :

Timestamp | 36:27
Act of Random Kindness Gift
Birdstreet Yarns, Hiddleston Sock in 'Bristol Fashion'

: :   S HA R E   T H E   L O V E   : :

Timestamp | 29:05
A shout out to Emily and her lovely small business: Lamb Shop Kits

: :   Q U I E T   M O M E N T S   : :

I've been collecting and sharing a few calm and peaceful maker moments in my new 'Quiet Moments' vlog videos.  Here's the ones I have so far if you'd like to take a look...

~ PS ~

I also completely forgot to talk about the fact it'll be the big 1-0-0 episode next time!  
I was planning a lovely giveaway but with international shipping from the UK closed at the moment, I may have to think again.  If anybody has any thoughts on how to celebrate this little milestone of mine, then do let me know!

S x





  1. Hi Sandra,
    I really enjoyed watching your podcast, as always. I really like your shrug and your little plants are just amazing. Can't wait to see the finished thing.
    I hope you're doing okay over there.
    Have a lovely day.

    Sweet greetings,

    1. Hi Emily, thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoy it! The plants are growing a bit at the moment, but I'm getting impatient to see them done myself! :)

      S x