Lattice Bud Blues

The title of this post, Lattice Bud Blues' is a little misleading as it might cause you to suppose that this means that I am unhappy with this dainty shawl, or that the making of it was in some way arduous or unenjoyable.  In actual fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  I'm loving it!

The blues I refer to, of course, are the smattering of various bluey shades in the beautiful speckled yarn which is a gorgeous Norah George one called 'His and Hers' which I originally got as a sock set together with a blue mini.  I did keep the set together as I was pondering using the blue for the little 'buds' that decorate the edge of this shawl, along with a beautiful matching pink and a brighter cochineal-like shade that I thought would pair up nicely too.

In the end I settled on just the mid pink colour.  It works perfectly with the yarn, making a nice contrast without being too bold.  I tried alternating with the brighter pink too and I really, really, loved how that looked, and quite frankly, was slightly more drawn too that option.  But after contemplation, I decided that just the one pink would make the shawl much more compatible with my wardrobe and therefore much more wearable, which I reluctantly decided was the trump card in this case.

The pattern for this shawl, for it is one of mine,  (you can find it here: Lattice Bud Shawl)
was originally for a lace weight yarn and I wanted to see how well it would work up in a 4ply yarn.  I had some debate about the colours I should use for the experiment and ending up asking my Insta-friends to help me decide.  It was a close run thing, but the blue had the edge, and after making a small sample in both of the colours I was sure they were right.

I'm glad to say that the 4ply version works just as well and I used up nearly every last bit of my main yarn which is always gratifying.  The buds only took a few grams of the pink yarn.  I worked less repeats that on the original and I ended up with a shawl that is a little smaller than the original too at 150 x 68 cm (60 x 23"), but still a very good size and probably about as large as I would usually aim for.

The main beauty of this shawl for me is that it works up so quickly.  I always have a fear of projects using mostly dc's (US sc's) as I always feel like it will take forever and a day to make progress, but luckily for me, the openness of this pattern means that is not the case.  I almost raced through this too quickly, if that's even possible.  (I guess that's why I ended up making the original shawl larger, I had the yardage and just kept going!)

It's a wonder to block too, I remember that from last time.  A bumpy and crunched up little thing stretches and opens out into a light a lacy beauty.  Very, very satisfying!

Pattern | Lattice Bud Shawl by Me!
Main Yarn | Norah George Sock Yarn in 'His and Hers'
Contrast Yarn | Pink Mini from stash

Hook | 3.5mm
Size | 150 x 68 cm (60 x 23")
Mods | Only worked 24 repeats for a total of 14 diamonds

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  1. Hi Sandra,
    I love the way the yarn looks with this pattern. It's so gorgeous! I have downloaded the pattern. I will definitely make this one at some point in the future hihi.
    Have a lovely day.

    Sweet greetings,