A Tale of Two Knits

I was so tempted to put 'A Tale of Two Knitties' for the title, but I guess I can't as that doesn't actually make any sense!  Suffice to say, that I have two related knits to tell you about that I completed a little while ago now.

They are both rather whimsical projects I suppose, knit with no real purpose in mind, other than I wanted to knit them.  But really, what more reason does there need to be?

The first goes by the rather catchy title of  'Scarf with the No. 20 edging, from The Knitted Lace Pattern Book, 1850'.  Which I'm sure you will agree, just rolls off the tongue.  I have this book, that I got an age ago, called 'Victorian Lace Knitting' by Jane Sowerby (affliliate link) and there are so many beautiful patterns in it.  I've been meaning to make something from it forever and for some reason, recently the urge to actually do something about it grabbed me.

I was spurred on too by my recent stash busting efforts.  I have a few hanks of lace weight yarn in my stash that have sat there for a while and it would be very good to actually use them.  One precious skein in particular I've been holding and hoarding, waiting for just the right project to come along.  This seemed to be the time to use it.

I loved knitting this.  I choose it in part because of the interesting construction, one side of the scarf is worked first, then a middle panel added perpendicularly, then finally the second side is applied down the other edge.  Despite looking, and possibly sounding, a little daunting, it was actually quite a quick knit and  relatively easy.  

This book has a wealth of useful information in the back on different knitting techniques, reading charts, even making your own shawls by mixing and matching pattern elements.  I found it so interesting, I'm now determined to remember to refer to it more often in future, as it will be so helpful for lots of patterns.

It's a large scarf and quite hard to photograph, but hopefully you'll get the idea.  My favourite detail is the little crocheted edge on the ends, what a lovely touch.

: :

The second of my two 'purposeless knits' is another piece from the same book.  This one is called the Opera Fichu and for some reason I am really drawn to these cute little neck and shoulder warmers.  No idea why, as I'm pretty sure it's something I've never actually wear, but there it is.

This one again half intrigued me in the construction too.  It starts with a rectangle and you then pick up stitches all the way round to work the frilly edging.  It meant having over a thousand stitches on my needles, which inexplicably didn't put me off!  Luckily it is quite a small piece and even that vast amount of stitches didn't seem to too bad over such a short number of rows.  Just as well, or I'm sure I would have regretted the decision.

Now the only question is what on earth to do with these curiosities of mine?  I suppose it's conceivable that I could wear the green scarf at some point, although it's not really my style.  The pink one I can't see using  at all.  I don't think it actually looks that good on me even.  My podcast viewers suggested donating it to a theatre company or school for use as a costume piece, which seems like a fairly good idea to me.

Normally, I'm all about making for the finished object, I usually really want the final thing.  This time though, the sheer act of making them was the point and the pleasure.  Now I have that out of my system I feel quite satisfied.  

: :

I'll leave you with a few podcast pictures, so you can see a little more and some details at the end...

Green Lace Scarf

Pattern | Scarf with No 20 Lace Edging, from Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby (affiliate link)
Yarn | Hand Maiden Fine Lace Yarn in 'Moss' -  570 yards
Needles | As pattern, 4mm  - I used my wooden Knit Pro circulars
Mods | None

Opera Fichu

Pattern | The Opera Fichu, from Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby  (affiliate link)
Yarn | Malabrigo Lace Yarn in 'Geranio' - 516 yards
Needles | As pattern, 2.25mm, 3.25mm & 4mm - I used my wooden Knit Pro circulars
Mods | None

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  1. The green one is just stunning - so light and frothy. Jo x