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Podcast | Watch on You Tube - Episode 102

Show Notes

Ravelry Group | A place for yarn chatter and questions - Cherry Heart Ravelry Group

: :   MA D E   : :

Victorian Lace Shawl | 04:27
Pattern | Scarf with No 20 Lace Edging, from Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby (affiliate link)
Yarn | Hand Maiden Fine Lace Yarn in 'Moss'

Opera Fichu | 09:09
Pattern | The Opera Fichu, from Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby  (affiliate link)
Yarn | Malabrigo Lace Yarn in 'Geranio'

Joining in with the KCACY Podcast #archivekcal

Flower Garden Quilt Pouch | 16:51
Pattern | With the Flower Garden Quilt Subscription Boxes by Alice Caroline
Fabric | A gorgeous selection of Liberty fabrics (inc in boxes)

: :   M A K I N G   : :

Painted Roses Squares | 21:21
Pattern | Painted Roses Blanket by me!
Yarn | Scheepjes Stonewashed
Colours | So far I've settled on - Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Beryl, Lemon Quartz
Citrine, Forsterite, Turquoise, Amazonite.

Bright Star/Emma Cardigan/Top | 25:05
Pattern | None, but I got the idea from a Sophie Digard garment 
worn in the films 'Bright Star' (2009) and 'Emma' (2020).
Yarn | A happy scrappy mix of 4ply/fingering weight minis and leftovers

: :   P I P ' s   : :
(Patterns In Progress)

Farmhouse Patch Blanket and Cushion | 33:36
Yarn | Stylecraft Batik

Pattern now available online, see link below for details:

: :   Q U I E T   M O M E N T S   : :

I've been collecting and sharing a few calm and peaceful maker moments and sharing those in my new 'Quiet Moments' vlog videos.  I'm hoping to create a few relaxing and soothing minutes for you to enjoy.  
Here's the ones I have made so far if you'd like to take a look...

S x





  1. Hello Sandra.

    I am currently crocheting your Faded Painted Roses blanket. I fell in love with this as soon as I saw a picture of it, and had to start it, even though i already have another large project on the go!

    I find I am in need of a little help however.

    I am extending it to 10x12 squares and have had a lot of fun deciding on the colour combinations. I bought yarn as per your original pattern but wondered if this will be adequate to complete the slightly longer border and additional joins. I am planning an additional 5 squares using parchment and stone, and 2 of silver. In addition I have used pale rose in one additional square, but think it unlikely that this will cause a problem as far as yarn usage.

    I have used your yardage guide in the pattern to try and work out whether I will have enough, especially of the silver (even going to the extent of brushing up my use of mathematical simultaneous equations (sad, I know)), but am getting nowhere fast. I'd rather buy additional yarn sooner than later to allow for dye matching, so don't want to wait until I find I've nearly run out to order more.

    Do you think i need to buy more silver and parchment?

    Sorry to be so long winded, but I'm still relatively new to large crochet projects.