New Pattern - Florence Tee

This feel like a bit of a watershed moment to be honest.  After years of good intentions and procrastination, I'm finally releasing my first real and proper garment pattern into the world!

As many of you who've been here for a while will probably know, although I've been at this 'designing' game for a while now, it's something that I've grown into over time.  I didn't go to crochet school, not that there is such a place, which is a shame, cos how cool would that be?  Anyway, the point is, it's one of those situations where one thing just lead to another and here we are.  Self-taught I suppose you'd say.

There's often quite a lot to think about with any pattern, so garment design with it's extra dimension of a host of different sizes to figure out has always seemed a little daunting to be honest.  But it's something I've been wanting to conquer for a while now and it seems I've done that at last.  I'm very much hoping that once I've cleared the hurdle once, next time will be a little easier.  Fingers crossed.

As you can probably see, it's a nice open and lacy top which is lovely for warmer days and I like wearing mine over either a plain or sometimes colourful vest top.  I love the way the colours pop through the from behind the cream when I do.  

I'm rating this pattern as intermediate, the motifs themselves aren't too tricky, and neither is the edgings.  The construction of the whole thing is Join As You go, working the body in the round as needed, so I'd definitely recommend that you had experience with that technique before you give this pattern a whirl.

I've made one for my daughter as well and I have to say I was pretty chuffed that she was very keen on the idea.  These teens can be fickle things and the handmade options can lose their appeal at a certain age, but I'm glad to say that a Size 2 fit her slim frame rather beautifully and I think that the smallest size, size 1 could even work for someone younger (my DD is 15 at the mo).

Well enough of my chat, let's get to the pattern...

I'll add the link to the pattern page below so you can find out all the nitty gritty about the yarn, yardage, fit and so on and you'll also find some more pictures and the purchase links on that page too!

: :   F L O R E N C E   T E E   : :

A pretty, lacy top is made of a delicate flower motif 
Featuring a cute filigree and mini shell trimming
 Constructed in one piece using JAYG

5 Sizes available to fit: 61 - 132cm / 24-52" 

For more pattern details 
and correct pricing in your currency/territory


: : Update - link fixed now! : :

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  1. Hi Sandra,
    Oh, how wonderful. your first garment pattern, congratulations. I love the look of your Tees. Very Sandra if I may say. :-) I'll add this one to my never ending crochet to do list. hihi.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    Sweet greetings,