Spice of Life CAL 2021 | Original Remix Yarn Packs

I'm excited today because I can finally share with you a brand new Spice of Life yarn pack.

It was a long time ago that I made the original Spice of Life Blanket for a CAL I hosted together with the wonderful Black Sheep Wools, so it's not surprising that the yarn I used to make it back then has been discontinued for a while now.  It seemed like high time to find a replacement!

For this new selection I've chosen to use one of my new favourites which is the Stylecraft Bellissima (and Bambino) yarn.  Importantly, it comes in a good range of gorgeous colours, so there were plenty to choose from for the new pack.  It also looks and feels much more luxurious than you might expect, even though it's an affordable acrylic yarn.

The aim was to find a yarn with colours that could replace the original pack well and I've matched the shades closely to the original blanket to keep the same feel.  Some of them are slightly different of course and the new yarn gives it a fresh twist and a slightly softer look too.  So we decided that 'Original Remix' seemed like the perfect name for the new Pack.  

To celebrate the launch of the new Original Remix pack, and dig into those gorgeous new colours, I've decided to make the blanket again and I thought it might be nice if you wanted to join me... 

A little Spice of Life Make Along, what do you think?

'Original Remix' the Original Way...

You could use the colours in the new pack in the same way I did to make a blanket just like the original.  
If you'd like to keep to the 'Original Colour Design', then it's written right into the pattern, you just need to grab a copy follow along! 

'Original Remix' the Remixed Way...

Or you can change things up and do your own thing with the colours, which is what I'm going to do!
As the new pack is a little remix of the colours, I thought I'd have a little remix of the blanket too.  Where some of the shades are a little different I thought it'd be nice to have a play with the combinations and have fun fitting them into the blanket design.

If you'd like to follow along with my new 'Remix Colour Design' then I'll be posting it here on the blog in the coming weeks as I make the blanket.  

We've had to wait a little while for yarn stocks to come in as the supply chains are still a little bumpy from all the recent and ongoing upheaval in the world, but I'm glad to say that the Original Remix packs are finally here and available to buy from Black Sheep Wools.  Check out the link below for details...

'Original Remix' Yarn Packs

If you wanted to see the other yarn packs that work with this pattern, check out the 

Spice of Life - A 'Casual' Along

So, now that the packs are ready to go, I can't wait to dive into these colours and get started on my new Spice of Life blanket.  It'll be lovely if you wanted to keep me company!

I know many of you will have been here for the first CAL and maybe you've made this blanket already, but I also know that many of you will have found your way to me since then and that some people like to make this blanket more than once, like I am.  So if you do want to join in this time round, please do.

As this is an older pattern, there will be none of the nail bitting waiting around for pattern parts to be released, or a schedule to keep up with.  This will be a much more casual and relaxed affair.  You can just grab a copy of the pattern and do things at your own pace. 

I do hope you'll want to give the new yarn pack a go though, and if you want to follow the colours in the same order that I am using them, then do check back here to see how I'm progressing.  I'll probably make a couple of sections of the blanket at a time and then post the colours I've used.


I'm also planning a few more videos to accompany the pattern.  It's something I did for the 'A Spicier Life' blanket and so I thought it'd be nice to do the same for this blanket too. 

I've started with a little 'Spice of Life Original Remix Special', where you can see the yarn pack and hear about the pattern in more details.

Over the coming weeks I'll be releasing videos that are going to take you through each stage of the pattern step by step and have some great little tips in.  I'm hoping they will be nice and helpful, especially for beginners, so keep an eye out here for those.  

As I work through each section I'll post the tutorial to go with it!


If you need a copy of the pattern, then there are two versions to choose from.  A simple free download or a more detailed PDF.  You can find more information about both versions on this page... 

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Happy Crocheting!

S x




  1. Hi Sandra, I watched your video yesterday and received my pack already. I just looked at the starting part where you do the chain and it said with melon/ grape. I gather this was the original colour. So can I just start with my own choice of colour as I am dying to start? Looking forward to seeing how you are starting yours. Marlene x

    1. Oh that's fab! It sounds like you've got an old copy of the pattern there as we've updated all the colour choices to Yarn A, Yarn B and so on. But if you are doing your own colours anyway, then yes, by all means, do your own thing! :D