Spice of Life CAL 2021 | Part 2

Wow everyone, it's been so lovely to see all these new Spice of Life blankets appear!  Some of you are making good use of stash and some of you are using the new packs, the old packs or even going back to a Spice of Life you had started last time round.  It's so exciting to see what you are all doing and see the gorgeous colour combos you are coming up with on the #SpiceofLifeCAL tag.

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As I'm sure you'll know by now, you can use the 'Original Remix' pack to follow the 'Original' colour change scheme as written into the pattern, or you can follow along with the version I'm making now where I'm going for a little colour 'Remix' and rearranging the colours in a new way.  

Original Remix Yarn Packs from Black Sheep Wools

I'm just listing my new colour changes listed here, so you'll also need a copy of the written pattern so that you can follow along.  Find out more using the links at the bottom of this post.


S2 - Stacked Grannies
Row 1 - Soft Pink
Row 2 - Rio Red
Row 3 - Soft Pink
Row 4 - Rio Red
Row 5 & 6 - Clotted Cream

S3 - Big Zipper
Row 1 & 2 - Sage
Row 3 & 4 - Totally Teal
Row 5 & 6 - Toasted Almonds

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These are going to take you through things step by step and have some great little tips in.
I'm hoping they will be nice and helpful, especially for beginners.

Previous Videos | Spice of Life Playlist

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Pattern & Info | Spice of Life Page
 Yarn Packs | Originals Remix Packs
Previous Posts | Spice of Life CAL

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Enjoy these next rows everyone, I look forward to seeing your blankets progress!

S x