Spice of Life CAL 2021 | Setting Up

Before I start sharing how I'm getting on with my blanket, I thought I'd talk a little bit above how I get ready for a project like this, to give those of you who have ordered yarn packs a little time for your goodies to arrive!  ;)

For me, it's part of the fun of making a blanket and although some things are obvious, like some yarn and a pattern, as well as your hooks and notions, there are a few other fun preparations I sometimes like to do too.  As this is something I quite enjoy, I included a few bonus extras in the PDF version of the pattern that I think will help.

Getting Ready

When it's a bigger project like this one, with lots of lovely colours in, I like to get my yarn all sorted before I start.  When the yarn colours go from A, B, C, right up to K, L and M, it can be hard to remember which refers to what!  One of the things I included is a little 'Colour Chart' that you can use to help you here.

Simply attach a little piece of each colour yarn next to the colour name and not only do you get to see all those colours look, you've also got a very handy reference tool to use throughout the project.  Just keep this beside you while you work and a quick glance will tell you which colour to grab next.

Planning Ahead

Although completely random colours can be fun to do, if you are like me and like a little more idea where things are going then thinking a few rows ahead can be very useful.  With that in mind, I also included one of my 'Blanket Blank' sheets which are a 'colour in' version of the blanket design that you can print out and use to plan your colour scheme.

I'll admit, I printed out more than one of these before I was happy with my colour selections, but it was much quicker than crocheting and frogging back!

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Obviously you don't need to have the extras from the pattern to make these sorts of preparations, but if you do decide to give them a try, I do hope you'll find them useful! 

To get copy of the PDF version of the pattern, visit the link below...

Spice of Life Page

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  1. Looking forward to starting once my yarn arrives
    I am in New Zealand and ordered my yarn from UK to get the correct colours
    I am fairly new to crochet and this is my first big project
    Can’t wait to start

  2. This cal will be fantastic !!! Can I ask where can we find the sketch ? I would love to play with colors in advance !!! Thanks so much !!!

    1. Thanks lovely! The sketch is one of the bonus offerings in the paid for PDF, you can find links to that and the free download on the Spice of life page here: https://www.cherryheart.co.uk/2016/03/spice-of-life-crochet-along-blanket.html