Episode 108

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Show Notes

: :   MA D E   : :

Nothing finished this week!

: :   M A K I N G   : :

Spice of Life Blanket CAL
Pattern | Spice of Life Blanket
Yarn | Original Remix Pack from Black Sheep Wools
Hook |  4.0 mm
Remixed Colour Scheme | As part of the CAL, I'm giving the colour scheme a fresh new look.  

For the Spice of Life Pattern (Free or Paid version), and more details, see the link below:

Bobbing Along a Rainbow
Pattern | Bobbing Along Blanket by me
Yarn | Pink - Ruby by Hill View Farms
Pink Variegated - Lawn Flamingo by Hand Pinks By Kate
Bright Neons - Stowlips by The Wool Kitchen
Orange Variegated- Koi by Stranded Dyeworks
Lime - Grasshopper by Madelinetosh
Green - Snape and Lily by A Homespun House
Aqua - Monty's Gate by Little French Meadow
Blue/Purple - Brighton Fashion by Birdstreet Yarn
Hook | 5.0mm

Flower Garden Quilt Blocks
Pattern | Alice Caroline's Flower Garden BOM (May box)
Fabric | Liberty fabrics, included in the subscription box

Aimée Cardigan
Pattern | Aimée Cardigan by Joji Locatelli
Yarn | Dark Teal - Dabbling Duck by Travel Knitter
Variegated Teal - Never Let Me Go by The Fawn and the Fox
Duck Egg - Atlantis is Sleep ing by Crafternoon Treats
Grey - First Frost by The Travel Knitter
Pink - Rosé by Stella & Plank

: :   P I P ' s   : :
(Patterns In Progress)

Painted Anemones
Pattern | Coming Soon!
Yarn | Scheepjes Stonewashed in...
Moonstone (801), Lepidolite (830), Deep Amethyst (811), Lilac Quartz (818), 
Corundum Ruby (808), Rose Quartz (820), Red Jasper (807), Rhodochrosite (835), 
Obsidian (829), Coral (816), Morganite (834), Yellow Jasper (809), Citrine (817), 
Lemon Quartz (812), New Jade (819), Blue Apatite (815), Amazonite (813), Canada Jade (806)

: :   B E H I N D   M E   : :

Stonewashed Painted Roses
Pattern | Painted Roses Blanket 
Now updated with all details of the two version of Stonewashed blankets that I made...
: :

: :   Q U I E T   M O M E N T S   : :

I've been collecting and sharing a few calm and peaceful maker moments and sharing those in my new 'Quiet Moments' vlog videos.  I'm hoping to create a few relaxing and soothing minutes for you to enjoy.  
Here's the ones I have made so far if you'd like to take a look...

S x