Episode | 121

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Show Notes

: :   MA D E   : :

Growing Cardigan
Pattern | Growing by Lone Kjeldsen of Hyggestrik.dk
Yarn | Drops Puna in Colour 4 (Taupe)
Needles | 5mm Knit Pro Wooden Interchangables

Pattern Mods | On my Ravelry Project Page

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: :   M A K I N G   : :

Crochet Star Quilt
Pattern | Inspired by Therese Hagstedt on Instagram (@tipsytessie)
Yarn | Drops Baby Merino in White and minis and lefts overs from stash
Hook | 3.0mm

Tutorial | Two Colour Granny Square:  Right Handed | Left Handed

Daisy Puff-Again Blanket
Pattern | My Daisy Puffagon Tutorial, but I've modified it for this!
Yarn | Stylecraft Bambino & Belissima*
Colours | Clotted Cream, Soft Pink, Heather, Awesome Avocado, Denim Dungarees, 
*Flaming Fuchsia & *Crystal Blue
Also added.... King Cole Cherished in Sunshine and King Cole Smooth in Sage
Hook | 4mm

Joining Method | Modular Join Tutorial (Battenberg Blanket)

Liberty Hexies Needle Case
Pattern | None, I'm winging it!
Fabric | Liberty of London (Left over from my Alice Caroline quilt below)

Flower Garden Quilt (Not shown this week!)
Pattern | Block of the Month Subscription 2021 by Alice Caroline
Fabric | Liberty of London (Came with the subscription)

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: :   T U T O R I A L S   : :

Classic Granny Square Tutorials
Tutorial | Classic Granny Square:  Right Handed | Left Handed
Tutorial | Changing Colours and Weaving in Ends:  Right Handed | Left Handed
Yarn | Stylecraft Belissima and Bambino
Hook | 4mm

More Tutorials
Playlist | Crochet Tutorials

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: :   P I P ' s   : :
(Patterns In Progress)

None at the moment.

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: :   G O O D I E S   : :

All by my clever entrepreneur niece (and fam)...

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: :   I ' M   W E A R I N G   /   B E H I N D   M E   : :

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: :   Q U I E T   M O M E N T S   : :

I've been collecting and sharing a few calm and peaceful maker moments and sharing those in my new 'Quiet Moments' vlog videos.  I'm hoping to create a few relaxing and soothing minutes for you to enjoy.  
Here's the ones I have made so far if you'd like to take a look...

S x




  1. Hi! I enjoyed watching your podcast with a selection of very beautiful pieces! Hugs, Raquel

  2. Sweetie, may I offer you a suggestion? You are wonderful, I love everything you do, but you see, I have such a limited time! I can't always watch your podcasts, so I was wondering, could you, please, place some photos and some words here, on your lovely blog? It is such a pity to miss your great work, by not having time to watch all the podcasts ...

    1. You know what, that is absolutely fair enough! I have been meaning to try and get back to doing more for the blog and pictures again, but honestly it's a case of time for me too! I just don't seem to have enough lately. But I do what to do that, so I shall try to do it! <3