NEW - Baubles & Berries Wrap

It's been a while, but I have a pattern to release!

It's my attempt at a crochet version of all of those lovely Christmas knitting patterns that you see.  The ones designed with yarn advent calendars in mind, showing off all 24 days of glorious mini skeins and making the perfect 'run up to Christmas' project.
I get so much pleasure out of the yarn advent calendars that I've had in the past, and much enjoyment from knitting some of the beautiful patterns designed to suit them too.  But it's often harder to find crochet patterns that fit the bill.  So I'm hoping that this might meet the case for my fellow crochet lovers.

This one is designed to work with a calendar of 24 days worth of 20g 4ply mini skeins.  That would be the perfect thing for this wrap, but of course, happy scrappy works just as well too.

So if a yarn advent isn't your thing, then gather your 4ply left-overs together and have fun choosing 24 shades that make your heart sing.  Or of course, you can use larger skeins and repeat colours.  That's the beauty of projects like this, you can customise the colours to suit your taste or yarn stash.

It's also easy to customise the size of this one.  I've included info on how to adjust the width and length so you'll have plenty of options to tweak it to your requirements.  

One of my favourite features of this design is the fact that the edging is all created as you work through the sections.  There is no need to add a separate border at the end, or reserve part of each colour for later.  It's just 24 soothing sections, one each day, and when you've done that, you're done!
Assuming you weave in your ends as you go, of course! ;)

Apart from the very beginning and end, the sections for each colour are pretty much the same, so once you are up and running and the pattern starts to fix in your mind, things will flow quite easily.  To make sure everything is smooth sailing the pattern includes a few photo tutorials, to make sure the special stitches are explained and everything is nice and clear.  I've also included a crochet chart, because that is my favourite way to work these days.

As usual I struggled with the name, I'm sure this is the hardest part of the whole process.  I wanted something Christmassy and the motif I've used is quite floral, but there aren't an awful lot of December flowers here in the UK.  I suppose maybe these could be Hellebores, but mine have 6 petals and Poinsettia would be an even bigger stretch.

In the end I decided on the Baubles and Berries Wrap.  The rows of clusters between sections are my baubles hanging in the tree, and the bobbles make winter berries nestled in leaves.  A little tenuous to be sure, but it rolls off the tongue quite nicely and does have the festive feel I was after!

Nothing else to do now but show you some more pictures, including ones of me looking awkward trying to give you an idea of the scale and size, and also how I plan on wearing mine.

I'll pop a link below with all the need to know details and purchase options.


Baubles & Berries Wrap

Perfect for a 24 x 20g 4ply yarn advent calendar!

See link above for pattern details and purchase options.

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I will be making another one of these wraps, possibly with my new yarn advent for this year, but the version pictured here is a happy scrappy one.  
You can find a list of the yarns used here if you are interested to know.

S x




  1. Hi Sandra,
    I'm in love with the way this looks. It just looks amazing. Love the colours too. I'm going to make one this year with one skein sock yarn in a Christmassy colourway I think, and make a smaller one. And then order a yarn advent next year for a real one. I'm going to purchase a pattern for sure.
    Have a lovely day.

    Sweet greetings,

    1. Thank you so much Emily, that's so kind of you! It'd be interesting to see a one skein version too, I think that could work very nicely. I do hope you enjoy it. ❤️

  2. It's so beautiful, Sandra. Just like every single thing you design and make!