Orange Slices for Christmas

I've been wondering about the idea of trying to dry some orange slices for Christmas and wondering if it would work actually work, when of course I then started to wonder if I could just crochet some instead!

I had a couple of mini skeins in orange shades left from my 2019 Lay Family advent calendar that fit the bill quite nicely, so I had a little play around.  I tried a couple of different ways of doing it, but decided that simple colour changes worked best of all.

I can't lie, they are a little bit fiddly to do, especially the first round where you change colour every stitch, but at least they are small things, so are still pretty quick.

I'm planning on using mine to decorate Christmas presents, but you could hang them on the tree too.  I might just use them on my wreath instead, that needs a little refresh!

I shared the pattern on Instagram the other day, but I thought I'd pop it up on here too.

I hope you fancy giving them a go!     

S x




  1. What a good idea! Thanks! Pinned!

  2. Absolutely lovely!!! I can't crochet, but I love these!

  3. Beautiful and so inspiring!!!