Bertie's Crochet Jumper

I've finally got around to something I've been meaning to make for the longest time.  A little crocheted jumper for Bertie!  I've delayed for so long, in part I think, because I figured he'd never want to wear it if I ever made one for him.  We were told he should wear a coat when it gets cold in winter, but we struggle to find a coat that covers him up properly, he can walk well in and that doesn't rub him and make him sore.

In the end I thought that maybe the jumper idea might be worth a try to see if it would at least solve a few of those problems, and it would finally get the urge out of my system.  Well, after a few false starts, I came up with this.  It fits him well, he can walk in it no problem too.  Not sure if it keeps him quite as warm as it should but most amazingly of all... he doesn't object to wearing it!  A minor miracle.

After I showed this on the podcast and on Instagram, a few of you asked me if a pattern would be following.  On consideration I thought it probably doesn't make a great basis for a pattern.  It's very much a 'one size fits my dog' kind of pattern because I tailor made it to his shape as I went along, there's no telling how well what I've come up with here will fit any other miniature Dachshund, let along any other size, shape or breed of dog!

However, you were keen to have the notes on what I did manage to come up with, so I'm going to include those here now.  Please bear in mind, this is not a pattern at all.  Nothing tried or tested.  These are just the rough notes I made for myself.  I have tidied them up a bit to make them a little more manageable for you and I've also added a little more info which will hopefully help you follow what I've done.  But certainly not for the novice crocheter!

 But hopefully this will provide a starting point for you to begin your own experiments if you are looking to keep your dog cozy and warm.  

Click here for more details and download link...

Bertie's Crochet Jumper

A crocheted jumper for a miniature dachshund 

Please do share if you manage to make one for your little friends, I'd love to see!


S x