Crochet Star Quilt

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well?  Today is a red letter day indeed as I am here with a blog post!  I have just posted my latest and last video for this Crochet Star Blanket and uploaded the pattern pdf at last too.  So it seemed like an auspicious day for that reason alone, but also an appropriate time to write a blog post dedicated to this blanket.  

Something that is probably long overdue as I started, and even finished this one last year.  Honestly it feels like an age since it was on the hook.  I do think it is one of my most favourite makes to date though, possibly the favourite.  It's funny how these things morph in your mind.  When I started making the first few squares for this blanket I couldn't see me ever finishing it, to the point where I strongly anticipated it being chucked over for something easier and quicker.

But as I made a few more squares, I refined my technique and became quicker and quicker at making enough to make one block, then two and three.  Before I knew it, I was well and truly invested!

I hadn't originally planned to write a pattern for this blanket, it's more a technique than anything else really.  So it started out as a video tutorial to show how I make my two colour squares.  After I'd honed the method I was using, it seemed a reasonable idea to show the way I found it easiest.  Then I got a few questions about how I made the blocks and I suppose one thing just lead to another.

Now I've made three different video tutorials in all and a written pattern too.  In some ways this is my first 'video pattern', if that's a thing?  Normally I would write a pattern first and then add videos for trickier parts.  This time I think you could more or less make the whole things from the videos alone.  But a written pattern is sometimes easier to refer to and it seemed like the best place to show the layout I'd used and explain how I'd added my quilt style 'sashing'.

So here it is, my Crochet Star Quilt pattern...
I'm going to give away the written pattern free for a little while, so you may want to grab it while you can. The way this pattern has come about, with videos first, is a bit of a new style for me, so I thought I'd experiment and give this idea a whirl.  After a bit I'll start charging for the PDF, but the videos will stay free on You Tube, so that seems like a bargain in any one's book.

I hope you enjoy!

Crochet Star Quilt

Click link above for more pattern info and links

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  1. Such a beautiful blanket ❤️

  2. Wow and double wow

  3. This is sooo lovely - thank you for sharing :)