Podcast 130 | Daisy Puffs Blanket

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Show Notes

: :   M A D E   : :

Red December Bow
Pattern | December Bow by Petit Knit
Yarn | a bright red 20g mini from stash

Daisy Puffs Blanket
See below

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: :   M A K I N G   : :

Fluffy Granny Cardigan
Pattern | None, but it's going to be based on those fold up granny hexagon patterns
Yarn | Grace by Stylecraft Yarns
Colours | Petal, Hibiscus, Hip and Oyster
Hook | 5mm Tulip Etimo

Silver Forest - Not Shown this week
Pattern | Silver Forest by Jennifer Steingass
Yarn | Drops Flora in 02, 03, 04 and 24
Inspired by | Gayna of Tales from Cuckooland on You Tube

Liberty Hot Water Bottle Cover - Not shown this week
Pattern | Hexie Hot Water Bottle Cover by Sew Sweet Violet
Fabric | Liberty Prints from Alice Caroline

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: :   P I P ' s   : :
(Patterns In Progress)

Daisy Puffs Blanket - Pattern Coming Soon!
Pattern & Tutorials | For more details so far, see Daisy Puffs Blanket pattern page
Yarn | Stylecraft Bambino & Belissima*
Colours | Clotted Cream, Soft Pink, Heather, Awesome Avocado, Denim Dungarees, 
*Flaming Fuchsia & *Crystal Blue
Also added.... King Cole Cherished in Sunshine and King Cole Smooth in Sage
Hook | 4mm

Crochet Star Quilt

All information, the video tutorials and the PDF download are now available!

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: :   C R A F T   R O O M   T O U R   : :

I've recorded a new craft room tour video, where I take you around my 'Little House' and show you all my crafting bits and bobs, how I organise my stash (or not) and answer your questions...

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  1. Hi Sandra Moorit looks like a gorgeous crochet pattern book. Thank you so much for the Daisy pattern really enjoy your podcasts