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Vintage Flowers Coat Hanger Covers

Hello everyone!

Just popping on quickly today to let you know that I did get this lovely little hanger pattern uploaded for you.  Here's the linky if you want to fly straight over to see...

Vintage Flower Hangers

Of course, that opening doesn't make an awful lot of sense if you didn't watch my latest podcast yet (or if you don't watch them at all) as that's where I talked about these hangers!

I made these ones quite a while ago you see.  I was in hanger covering mode and I chatted about them in this post....'More Hanging Around'.  (Wow, five years ago.)

Then on the podcast, I had a question about them and the patterns I'd used and it reminded me that I'd be meaning to write up the pattern but hadn't got around to it. - Story of my life, right there!

Anyway, I decided that I would finally get that done and so I'm pleased to say, here it is!

I've ordered some more of the wooden hangers too, because I fancy whipping myself up some more.  I …

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