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Farmhouse Patch Blanket & Cushion

I had almost forgotten about this cute blanket that I came up with for Stylecraft a few years ago.  I was thinking about nine patch quilts at the time and lovely 30's style feed-sack fabrics that are often used.  It's a look I really love and I wondered if it would be possible to create something a little bit similar, but using yarn.  The Batik yarn, with it's flecks of paler colour showing through, had a pretty, almost faded quality about it which gave the colours I lovely vintage look I thought.  A representation of feed-sack fabric in yarn form.  At least, that's what I was hoping. The traditional 9-patch block can be used in a multitude of ways in quilting and I wanted to alternate mine with blocks of solid colour, as a way to show-off the more colourful squares.  I wanted to emphasise the quilting look, so I added lines of stitches going from the centre to the corners of the squares.  To me, this had the effect of mimicking the long lines of sewing that bind the

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