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It's always so nice to hear from you and I love receiving your comments!  I hope everyone is managing to cope and stay safe during the difficult times that we are dealing with at the moment?  Unfortunately, my Cherry Heart time is very limited at the moment and keeping up with everything just isn't possible.

To make sure you can still get the answers you need I've updated my FAQ page with as many of the common questions and queries that I can think of.  That way it will be quicker for you as well as less work for me! 😀💖

Pattern Downloads
All patterns are delivered to you by an automated third party platform.  Please know that the vast majority of questions I get about pattern downloads are resolved by:
  1. Logging into your chosen platform to access the file.  (Note that you can not download patterns from within the Etsy App.)  
  2. Checking your email’s junk/spam/bulk folders for missing confirmation emails.
For more details, please check my FAQ Page.

Of course, if you can't find your question there, or there was something else you needed to contact me about then please do drop me a line using the address below.  I'll still be doing my best to try and get back to messages when I can.

S x