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I'm taking some time off at the moment, so I'm afraid I'm not about to answer your questions for a bit.  I'll be back soon, but the meantime, here's some information that might help...

If you have a question, please do take a moment to have a look at my FAQ page, you may find your answer there.

Pattern Downloads
All patterns are delivered to you by an automated third party platform.  Please know that the vast majority of questions I get about pattern downloads are resolved by:
  1. Logging into your chosen platform to access the file.  (Etsy users: Please note you can not download patterns while using the Etsy App.  Please navigate to the site using your browser.)  
  2. Checking your email’s junk/spam/bulk folders for missing confirmation emails.
For more details, please check my FAQ Page.

Pattern Support
For questions about one of my patterns or projects, you can try the Ravelry Group: Cherry Heart's Cozy Corner.