Pretty Crafty Home

This is a project I started in 2012 because I wanted my home to look better, feel cosier and reflect my crafty side and I invited you all to join me too.

It was all about  doing something crafty to improve your home, make it a more pleasurable environment to be in and look at.  If you could thrift and recycle your way there - so much the better!

Want to join in?
I'm afraid the 'official' sign up period for this project has ended, so there's no-where to join up now.  But, if you're anything like me and improving your home is a constant task or, if you want to get your own Pretty Crafty Home underway, then feel free to use the posts below to get you started.

You can also still grab a button from below and share pictures in the Flickr PCH Group, which remains open.

Pertinent Posts
To help keep the motivation going, I gave each month a different focus.  Here's the relevant posts if you'd like to check back on what I got up to.

January - Just keep cleaning
Tips on getting the home ship shape and spic and span.

February - Neat and Tidy
Tips on de-cluttering, keeping the good and getting rid of the bad.

March - The Hit List
Time to make plans and draw up a list of jobs.

April - Putting it off?
Targeting jobs we don't want to do, but we do want done.

May - Bring in the spring
Treat yourself to a lovely, crafty, spring related project for your home.

June - Something for nothing
Creating something for nothing, or next to nothing!

July - Rest and reconsider
With summer and school holidays upon us, lets take a break and reconsider what still needs to be done.

September - Getting back on track
Enough resting!  Time to start making pretty again.

October - It's a cover-up!
Set your mind on achieving just one thing this month.  It will make a difference.

November - We're getting there
As we come to the end of this project, let's plan for Christmas!

December - Did I make a Pretty Crafty Home?
A review of my year of thrifty, recycled, homemade projects for the home.

Or, search all posts with the PCH tag to find more.

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We're all making a Pretty Crafty Home together...

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