Material Girl

If you read my last post, you'll remember me talking about ordering some fabric.  Well, it's arrived!

That picture does funny things to me.  Really heart skipping, heart swelling, 'overcome with the yumminess and fabricy desirability of it all' type things.  ...Sigh...

I had a real treat last Sunday morning.  Daddy got up with our Little Miss and I had a nice lay-in (luxury) and then, while I was eating my breakfast I had myself a jolly 'add to cart' session at this fantastic place (even more, divine, luxury), mostly from this area, but a few others too.

You see, extremely new to the quilting world I may be. With only one completed block under my belt, it's true.  But.  Already.  I 'have plans'!

I've been doing a lot of browsing on Flickr lately and mostly especially, I have been loitering around this group, oohing and aahhing quite a bit.  So yes, with quilt number one in complete and utter infancy, I am making plans for quilt number two!

Lets have a better look at my 'Farmer's Wife appropriate' fabric selections shall we?

Ummm, delightful!  Go ahead, click on it and make it bigger if you like.  :)

So, to these I shall add the somewhat meagre, but no less delightful, collection of suitable fabrics that I already own...

And now I've got a rather respectable and utterly wonderful to look at pile to sit on my shelf:

I'm not sure when I'll be able to get time to start this little fantasy project of mine.  Maybe after Little Miss is back at school?  Hopefully, once I've managed to get a bit further forward with the first quilt?

Still, I'm not unhappy to have to wait a little while before I have to start chopping these treasures up.  Every day I wait is another day I get to look at what's waiting for me.

I can live with that for a while!

S x


  1. I'm doing the Farmer's Wife Quilt a Long too. Love the fabrics you have picked out.

  2. oooOo fabric envy! Ive fallen inlove with linens recently ^_^

  3. Delightful. I love looking at your material too, only wish it was mine, oh and that I could sew!

  4. Ohhhhhh lovely, sweet , yummy fabrics. Oh boy it really is addictive....:D
    Can't wait to see what you do with them!!!
    Karen xxx

  5. Your new fabrics are making me drool! I am new to sewing as well and I find that all the fabric I have ordered so far tend to be in similar colours, namely my favourite two and so I find it hard to pick up other colours so that I have a good range. Everything I have is turquoise, pink, red and white :)

  6. Oh, they are all soooo pretty!
    Look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  7. I will have to stop popping by here as I get the 'Wantsies' a little too often. I have already gone spending after looking on your blog in the past. Your fabric is beautiful. The way you have photographed them makes them look so inviting. The last photograph makes me want to dive in and spend a while looking through and messing up the pile! I love the bling of my 'Cherry Heart' inspired 'chandelier' though and it still makes me happy to see it hanging there. :) Hope you are having fun with your spoils in the sunshine...

  8. What a lovely blog you have. Have just found you so to speak. I purchased fabric last summer break, washed it ,hung it up to dry, pressed and folded
    it and now this summer break am just deciding on design!!! I dare not look at any more fabric!! Am trying to finish simple border round blanket,
    knitting some bunting, making red currant jelly etc etc....

  9. Your fabric choices are pretty. Have fun quilting with them!

  10. beautiful fabric choices... I would have bought all the same ones! xo amy