Containing the Situation

If, out there in the big wide world, I do indeed have any regular 'Bleaders' (blog-readers -  yes, I went there and coined that one!)  And, if you haven't immediately been put off by being called a 'Bleader' and closed the page in disgust (and who could blame you?)  Then you might remember that I was recently having problems getting things all finalised and sighed off during these summer holidays.  Well, I'm pleased to say that my issues are at an end and I'm happily putting the last cherry on top of projects all over the place.

Today, I'm going to show all the various holding, containing and carrying types of thing that I've been working on, as there seems to be a few of them.

Firstly, a little while ago, I did come across this in a little local shop:

And as it seemed to me, that once spruced up and made to be a little more pretty, it might be just the thing for putting in this bit of something and that bob of something else and keeping it handy,  I decided to purchase it forthwith.   Of course I do not know how that delightful vintage sheet found it's way into the basket also, or how it followed me home, folded itself up neatly and sat itself on my craft room shelf.  It's a total mystery to me naturally!

I set to work on it's revamp quite quickly and in a day or too it was almost done.  Almost done, but not completely finished, that took another couple of weeks.  Finally though, I managed it and here it is as it looks now:

Much better I think, and the lovely vintage sheet knew what it was doing when it followed me home that day because it made a very pretty lining.

The reason it took so long to get this little project complete?

These little side ties is all it took.  I just ran out of time when I made the lining and then I kept forgetting.  I used elastic so they pull the sides in nicely and I like the cute bow, so I'm glad I managed it in the end.

For item number two, as seen at the very top of the page, I'm afraid you've have to forgive me, because once again I am going to sing the praises of the very worthy Lucy of Attic24 fame and rave on about her fabulous bag pattern that I've been meaning to make since the beginning of the year.

Things didn't start well when it took me two months to get the yarn I'd ordered.  Not that I blame the supplier, they were 'having issues' with Rico apparently.  Anyway, I was all excitement when it did arrive, in all it's glory:

In fact, it was so glorious I really couldn't bring myself to use it for a further good few months.  I had it hanging around the crafty corner looking fabulous so I could admire it, drink it in and get all excited by those wonderful colours.  Eventually, in time, came the day when I felt ready to move on from this stage and actually take off a ball band and (gasp) use some of it's cottony loveliness to make something!

The best thing about this fabulous bag, if you are, as I was, planning on lining it with fabric, is that you can leave all the ends hanging inside without bothering to sew them all in.  Oh the joy, the freedom, the exhilarating carefree feeling!

The yarn doesn't disappoint and made for a true burst of sunshine colour stripy happiness and very much suitable for carrying yarns and bits of hooky yumminess from here to there with comfort and ease!

The sticking point on this one was the lining.  It took me quite a few days of rumaging and umming and ahhing and 'I'm really not quite sure-ing' before I settled on the correct fabric and to be honest I wasn't completely convinced even then.  But, as I was blowed if I was going to be buying anything else especially for the job, I sewed away and as luck would have it, I'm very happy with the end result. 

A stripy inside for a stripy outside.  Appropriate.

It's the flowers that I like the best though.  That's the Lucy genius at work, the perfect finishing touch!

I did have something else to share, but as it has gotten to be late and my eyes are beginning to droop, I fear I'll have to save it for another day.  I'll try to make it soon though, as I have some eye candy for you to enjoy!

S x


  1. wow what an incredibly beautiful bag! want one:)

  2. Wow, I like your work. These colours are wonderfull.

    Yours Nicole

  3. I love the basket and your bag is gorgeous. I have just finished mine and lined it! How dense am I? I sewed all my ends in! Not only am I dense tonight I discovered I am also a bleader! My parents have been telling me this for years, way before blogs were invented. :)

  4. Fabulous bags aren't they??!! I made one of Lucy's too but haven't lined mine. After seeing yours I think I might copy - it looks soooooo gorgeous!

  5. Your bag is just lovely it looks so perfect with that stripey lining. I have a similar basket that I wanted to renovate can you tell me what sort of paint you used? Seeing your basket reminded me that I wanted to do that too as it looks so good, well done finishing your projects.

  6. Really really love that bag. Who wouldn't? Beautiful work

  7. Eye candy your not kidding! It is so beautiful. Can I order one? It is truly gorgeous. I loved looking around your blog so much I have become a follower. Hope to see you over my place soon. Cheers

  8. Beautiful! It looks just like mine except mine isn't lined and I did away with the orange, yellow and purple in the end. Great job. x

  9. Gorgeous projects!! Well done on getting them finished. I have far too many wip's, so I've banned myself from starting anything new (I say banned, but we'll see, LOL) until I've got at least 2 of them finished. Have started a new blog for myself, so I need to get something finished to blog about! x

  10. Being called a 'bleader'? Not too happy about that I'm afraid ;) But! I'll forgive you because you posted so many beautiful pictures of your work! <3 I made the Lucy bag last year I believe and I know what a great project it is to make! First, the multiplying of the stitches, then, a few rows of hooky goodness, onto the handles and those lovely flowers, and sewing in the lining... I was madly in love with my bag for at least 6 months :) I love yours! And the lining, I think it's perfect.

  11. Your revamped basket looks awesome, it's so pretty! and I love the Lucy bag, those colors are so great!

  12. Both the basket and the bag are absolutely gorgeous! :) /Limar

  13. these colours are absolute perfection!

  14. Please pass on your finishing magic! I was going to say "I'm totally with you" on having lots of unfinished projects, but you've gone and completed them :-D Well done, it's a good feeling I'm sure - I just need to commit!!!

  15. gorgeous bag, lovely. I adore the picture at the top of the page and had to pin it! I like what you did with the basket too, I've got a few thrifted baskets just crying out to be revamped...

  16. very very nice! I've been looking for a bag pattern to chrochet and I think this must be the one! I guess I have to figure out the pattern for myself, but I'll try anyway! thanks for sharing your lovely creations! Greetings from the netherlands