Coming to a Close

It's ironic that today should suddenly be so sunny and warm when the weather lately has been turning distinctly 'End of Summer'.  It has been feeling very much like a season coming to a close.

Also coming to a close are the Summer Holidays.  This is the last week before my Little One returns schoolwards, and today in fact is the last full day of just Me and She time.  There's the weekend of course, but this was the last of the girls together days and we've been making the most of it.

Biking on the new birthday bike, painting, drawing, building and re-building Lego, playing with Lego, playing Lego X-Box games (yes we're currently in a bit of a 'Lego' phase!)

but also baking, swinging and sliding.  Daddy was away tonight so we made our own pizzas too, it's been fun!

But although I met the above two ends with mixed feelings I have nothing but pleasure at these last closures.   All my projects that I had hanging around at the start of the holidays, are now complete, finished, closed, the end.  In fact the last two have been finished a while ago now, so let's see them shall we?

First of all, I shall refer you back to this little bloggy post when you might recall I was having problems sticking with one project.

I had these little hearts from my one of my favourite sources of inspiration, Attic24, all piling up with an idea in mind...

I'd been toying with the idea of a kind of net curtain for my craft room window, but I didn't want anything that blocked much light.  In the end I came up with this dangling arrangement, a window 'dressing' I suppose it could be called.

It kind of reminds me of a happier, more colourful version of raindrops falling down the window pane on a wet day.

...and out of the blue, I decided to start this pretty pattern too.

This darling flower came into being by way of the happy conjunction of my pretty new bedding (as shown previously on Sandra's Cherry Heart) and an absolutely delightful pattern by the clever Michelle at Loving the Vintage which I have been coveting for quite some time.

I took the colour inspiration from the bedding which I think it works reasonably well all in all but I do oh so adore this pattern.  So pretty, so delicate, flowery and girly - delicious! 

So, I have some new 'pretties' to adorn my bed and a lovely squishy squashy snuggle buddy for bed-time.

So yes, some things are ending, but that means lots of new things are beginning.  Lots of reasons to be cheerful and lots of new projects to start... but that's for next time!

S x


  1. Oooh I absolutely love your flower cushion! The colours are gorgeous. I'm going to look up the pattern for that and perhaps have a go.
    The little hearts are pretty nifty too!

  2. Beautiful idea for the window! I like!

  3. The little heart window thingie is so cute!! I love it. Your pillow is so pretty too. You make me want to learn to crochet!!

  4. Everything looks so pretty, i'm in love with the cushion & the hearts curtain is lovely.
    All mine went back to school a day ago, house feels so strangely quiet & a bit lonely :(, but hey more time for crafting :)
    Karen x

  5. De toute beauté ce billet ...
    Merci pour cette belle balade!

  6. Beautiful! Love the cushion and really love the window dressing, such a lovely idea.

  7. Oh my that cushion is just stunning!

    Im tempted to have a go myself!


  8. Love your heart window hanging, what a great idea. Your cushion is beautiful too. Joanna x

  9. Very much loving your hanging hearts.
    And that cushion is heavenly. Am off to check out the link right now..
    (yet another for my verrrrrrry long to do list, I fear).
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  10. oh your cushion is absolutely beautiful!! What an amazing job you've made of it! xo