Curtain call

I've dropped a few hints lately, here and here about some fabric type activity that might be going on?  Do you remember this picture...

You do?  Marvellous, because I've been busy cutting and stitching and I've got something to show you! 

For a very long time now, I've been fed up with the curtains in my hall.  They're drab and dull and I'm sick of them.  Also, there's the small matter of the mess below them too!

Not a very nice sight is it?  Time to do something about it and put some of my thrifty finds to good use.

I was inspired by the light shade I got for the hall a while ago.  It's a pretty, colourful sort of thing and it made me think that a old floral sheet (Antique shop - £10) that I had previously rejected for the job, might actually work rather well after all.

I didn't have quite enough material in the sheet, so I decided to add a bit of something else to the bottom.  An old bedspread this time.  (Charity shop - £3)

I had originally planned on recycling the lining from the old curtains.

But it was very thin and as bedsheets aren't exactly 'curtain weight' material I decided to splash out on some thicker 'black-out' fabric (Local fabric shop - £20) for the lining.

For some reason, I decided that tied tab tops would look just the thing on these curtains.  So I set about cutting up more bedspread for that.

In truth, if I'd worked out how many I would have to cut and sew before hand (56!), I might not have bothered but I'd started so, I had to finish.

So I stitched and spent a pleasurable half an half catching up on blogs while I turned them all round.

Trusty old knitting needle to the rescue!

Finally they were all done, ironed and ready to be sewn into place.

Just a lacy finishing touch (Local fabric shop - £8) to add and I was all done.  Do you want to see?

Here we go...

I have two windows in my hall, one upstairs and one down, so that's two new sets of curtains which change the whole look of the hall for a total of £41.  That's prettiness on a shoestring if you ask me!

So that's my Pretty Crafty Home Project No 3.  Two pairs of colourful curtains.  One rejuvenated, tidy and clutter free (mostly) hall = One happy me!

Two Curtains:
Second hand floral sheet - £10
Old charity shop bedspread - £3
Black out lining - £20
Lace trim - £8
Total cost - £41

Want to come and join in with us and make a Pretty Crafty Home of your own?  Find out all the details here, and join us on Flickr to share your photos - hope to see you there!

S x


  1. Absolutely gorgeous - what a fabulous transformation. Well worth all those tabs I'd say ..!

    Heather x

  2. They are fabulous, just the thing for that space! Well done.

  3. Woooooow, those are amazing! They look just perfect in your hall, well done! :)

  4. Lovely --and oh so eco-friendly too!

  5. How nice that you were able to use your thrifty finds! I love that. But no matter all that when they look so, so pretty! Each of your projects for PCH has been so inspiring! Thank you, Sandra!

  6. They look absolutely gorgeous, I love recycling sheets and other linens into something new and pretty. Love the touch of lace.

  7. Oh how I wish I could use a sewing machine! Absolutely Awesome! And so eco chic :)

  8. Wow wow wow! I wish I could sew like that! It's beautiful! I love before and after pictures, especially when the difference is so big! What a sunny beautiful curtain you've made! Unique!

  9. Love the new curtains! Brightens that area up so well.

  10. So pretty! Your hallway looks bright and cheery.

  11. Gorgeous, I love the lace trim! Well done! :-)

  12. Good morning Sandra, WOW! I just LOVE your curtains, the tops are a real delight ..... I am so glad I found your blog you inspire me every day. I keep taking a peek at older postings .... keep an eye out for me popping in and out .... and put the kettle on!
    I had a quick look at Ashford Rigid heddle looms yesterday and a lady showed how to warp it up ..... I am tempted and at least keep pondering whether I could manage to do it or not : 0)
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Val xx

  13. Absolutely flippin beautiful, I am so impressed. I would love to do something like that in my house. You are inspirational!

    Helen xx

  14. Oh, they are beautiful and make your hallway look FAB!

  15. so beautiful and good idea. before and after photo very difference now home bright.

  16. They just make me happy! Love that fabric!!!

  17. Your new curtains look wonderful! I read about your PCH project and have joined up. What a fanulous idea and inspiration - thank you.

  18. Now that it a lovely transformation! What a great idea to add the lace at the top too.
    Am off to rummage throught my charity-shop-fabric-stash. I fancy some new curtains for my dining room...!

    And I also have the same stair basket. The Mister hates it. Mine too is full of stuff to sort out. Job for later, methinks...!

  19. They are lovely, I really like the new look.

    Gussying up our place isn't going to well to be honest ... there just hasn't been time, but I have to launch a major offensive as the shabby chic look has descended into shabby and that is not a good look!