And then there were three...

Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments on my new Poncho pattern.  I'm so excited to see that some of you have already made a start and it's great to see the fabulous colour choices you're selecting.  I can't wait to see the finished ponchos in all their glory.

For my part, I'm feeling a little like I did this time last week.  You know, that 'catching up after the holidays' feeling?  My Little Miss was off school last week so my plans to get back on top took a little set back while we regressed into holiday style sofa-slouchy-mode.  While that was great for the progress of my latest knitty project it hasn't really helped my productivity levels in any other area.

Still, there is always this week to tackle the job list and I do have something to show you.  I found these little things to be a nice Easter project.  Something quick that I could make head way with now and then, even when we were busy.  A couple more potholders to add to my fledgling 'wall of modern vintage potholders'.

 My colour choices are making my 'vintage' collection of potholders rather more modern than the recreation of a collection of old treasures that I'd originally imagined but I can't seem to resist the colourful shades for these designs.

So now my first pot holder, the flowery one has some little friends to hang with it and keep it company and has now magically transformed from a potholder strangely hanging on a wall for no reason, into an official collection.  Albeit a teeny tiny one.  I like how it's looking though and I've found plenty more patterns I want to try, so the collection will definitely be growing soon.


Pattern:  Grandma's Heart (Rav link) by Carol Wijma

Hook:  4.0mm (USA G)

Yarn:  Rico Creative Cotton


Pattern:  Triangle Potholder by Jessica Phillips

:  4.0mm (USA G)

Yarn:  Rico Creative Cotton & Drops Paris

S x

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joy said…
These are truly works of art, I can not pick a favourite has there all so beautiful x
Lisa said…
I love your potholders, they are lovely.

Helen Anne said…
They're gorgeous! They're all lovely, but I think the heart one is my favourite, and I love the colours :)
Thomasina Tittlemouse said…
Just catching up and I love both these and your lovely poncho pattern which I've just bought and is currently printing itself out! Can't wait to have little play around with colour combinations! I love the idea of a pot-holder wall - they are such fun to make and that's a lovely way to enjoy them. Have you seen the Drops flower pot-holder pattern? I'm sure you have loads of pot-holder patterns but just in case you're interested! It's a lovely one with a bit of three dimensionality to it. Hope your little one is back to herself. E x
Isabella said…
I love your heart potholder!
Amy at love made my home said…
So pretty and the start of a great collection! Love the colour choices Sandra. xx
meredith said…
I love them all but the heart is amazing.
Kate Lantry said…
Very pretty :-)
Holly Smith said…
These are soooo very pretty!! Wishing you a lovely week! xo Holly
Betty Button-pie said…
I absolutely love these pot holders! I can just imagine them on display in my kitchen, especially the heart shaped one :)
thistle said…
They're really pretty and I love how they all look grouped together on the wall. Something like that would really brighten up my kitchen.
Chris Porter said…
They're all gorgeous, Sandra - such pretty, cheerful colours xx
I always love your color choices! So bright and happy! Also, I love the idea of hanging the potholders. I think I am shall copy your idea and hang some in my kitchen!
Beautiful work, they look lovely together. I haven't got it together after the Easter holidays either, even though I seem to be rushing about a lot. But hey, there's always tomorrow.
Beautiful! I look forward to seeing how the potholder wall evolves :)
I love your potholder collection. I think they look really "retro/vintage".
They definitely belong on the wall as they are much too beautiful to use!
oh wow these are beautiful! i'm in love with that heart one :)
Love seeing your potholder collection grow!
Definitely a lovely collection now, Sandra! You are right, the candy colours really bring these vintage patterns up to date - I love all of them! But my youngest girl has just peeped over my shoulder and squealed, "Love heart!" So guess which one I'll be making? :-) Can't wait to see what you make next...Chrissie x
Wow !!! It is all I can say. . . I love them all, but my favourite has to be Grandma's Heart.
I had seen it in your IG feed and loved it straight away.

I'm on the edgings of the Loopy Loo Poncho !! so excited !!

Oh my pretty,pretty, pretty.
Tried that heart pattern a few months back, its such a nice one
Karen x
I love all of your pot holders but my favourite has to be the heart - you have a great collection
Sandra, I absolutely love the heart one particularly! Those colours are stunning. xx
PS. Do hope your daughter is feeling much better. x
Beautiful Sandra, an abundance of colour and texture. Have a lovely weekend.
Jane x
Beautiful... and I love the colours :-)
Tracey xx
I could have sworn I'd left a comment here ... I don't think Disquis likes me, it eats my words! Was trying to share how retro I thought the square and triangle colour palettes are. Lovely :)
These are so adorable!! Great colors also!
So pretty... I think everyone needs a potholder wall!