Small wins

Time is a precious commodity isn't it?

Something you really notice when you don't have enough of it anyway.  I'm settling in to the back at home routine much quicker than I thought I would and have even managed to make an impressive dent in 'Mount Washmore', which has taken a quite frightening amount of washing loads to reduce to a reasonable size.

It was my plan to have the lacy bunting pattern all ready to share with you today but I'm afraid it is not to be.  Little Miss will be 9 this week and as well and making the birthday a special one, there is also a Frozen themed sleep-over party (heaven help us!) to be planned for the weekend and these things take up an amazing amount of time it seems.  That's before I've even started on the dreaded birthday cake.  (I'm not a natural cake decorator - the 'birthday cake evening' is normally long and fraught!)

But enough of my whinging, you are probably in the same boat.  Maybe not exactly the same boat, maybe not a boat headed for 'Frozen' shores with a bunch of cheeky 9 years olds in it with you but you know what I mean I'm sure.  You have plenty of calls on your precious time too.

Let's push all that to one side, just for a little moment though shall we?  Let's instead, drink in those pretty colours above.  I don't know about you but every time I see them, I think of ice-cream.  Especially given my recent return from France where they have an ice-cream flavour called Schtroumpf, which apparently translates to 'Smurf' and is exactly that shade of blue, I kid you not!  I couldn't tell you what it is that Smurf tastes like though, I couldn't quite bring myself to try anything coloured bright aqua to be honest.

And also, while talking of the colours, I like to look at this cute little hot pad as it reminds me that quick projects can be just as satisfying to complete as the long ones.  Sometimes more so, because it feels like a small win and that's a nice thing to feel when the to-do list is growing faster than you can cope with.

I actually made this colourful chappie before we went away.  He's going to go and join his mates on my Pot Holder Wall soon.  (Potholder or pot holder?)  I'd like to have a nice collection of them all hanging there eventually.  That's going to grow very slowly, but as each completed pad feels like a bit of an achievement, somehow it doesn't matter quite so much.


Pattern: Crochet Flower Hot Pad by Free Craft Unlimited
Yarn: Rico Creative Cotton

My Ravelry Project Page

S x



Hello Sandra,
What lovely colours!!! And the shape looks really complicated! If you are interested in pot holders, take a little look on my new blog at the ones I made! There are round ones and a pair of Hexagon ones! I love your collection so far, how cute!!! :)
Have a great weekend!
Ingrid xx
I love the hot pad, such a lovely folded effect. I know what you mean about not eating anything that colour, I can never understand why children are so attracted to bright blue stuff. Nice healthy vegetables - no. Bright chemical blue junk, oh YUM. Good luck with the Frozen party, I'm sure she will love it and of course that's all that counts. Have a wonderful weekend. CJ xx
What a gorgeous po holder!!
Oh I completely agree. I have a few biggish projects I'd love to hook up but don't have the time and really, a smaller project would definitely hit the spot about now! As for cake decorating...its on my to do day, can't wait to see how it turns out :)
that potholder is ADORBS! I love the colors!
You have my sympathies for 'Frozen'. My youngest son plays it on average, 5 times a day! My right eye is twitching just thinking about it!
All kidding aside...I'm sure Little Miss will have a wonderful party! Be sure to wish her 'Happy Birthday' for me!
I love this potholder! Have you made the pattern available?
I love making potholders, and that one looks amazing! Such pretty colours! Where can I get the pattern?
You made me laugh, we have the same ice cream flavour "Schtroumpf" here in Brussels too, exactly that shade of blue, and I never ever have been able to bring myself to try it! I love the pot holder, such a pretty pattern. Happy birthday to Little Miss, wow, 9! :-) xxxx
Such delicious colours, And a really pretty potholder :)
Your potholder is beautiful, the colours are wonderful and definitely in the ice cream palette. I hope that the party is a great success and that your 9 year old has a lot of fun - and that you do too!! xx
Hello! I see we both live in Belgium, do you have a blog? Mine is: - come and visit!
Take care! Ingrid xx
Hello Sandra! This little pot holder is really pretty scrumptious and looks good enough to eat!! Did you use a pattern? Glad you enjoyed your holiday in France :) xx
Hi Ingrid! Lovely Etsy shop, I especially love your embroidery hoops! I don't have a blog (yet?), I'm going to take a peek on yours now :-) Are you on Ravelry? You can find me as Nanita over there as well! x
Oh, this is really rather lovely and the pastel colours are really nice. It is a colour combination that really does make me think of ice cream and I LOVE ice cream. It would also work well as a Christmas decoration in other colours I think.
Good luck with the cake - I am not a baker so I would be paying a fortune to someone else to make one or risking all in the hope that the supermarket had one that was suitable!
Oh, my, gosh!!! I LOVE that potholder!! I'm afraid I have to have the pattern... Please??
Ms Cherry Heart, I always love it when my inbox preview says "cherry heart"! Today I love the pot holder you just showed. Of course we want a pattern for that! Your blog is fun and I'm glad I found it. Thank you for posting so we can drool with anticipation of good things to come.
Love the colors! Ice cream colors are my favorite:)
Oh to be 9 and have a Frozen party with all your best friend, it sounds lovely for her, you maybe not so much!
I like the construction style, will you be putting this one up or where did you find it?
Glad your hols went well. You have such a good eye for colour. I love that hotpad/pot holder/potholder. Love to see a pic of your wall. Nice to have you back. x
For those looking for a similar pattern, there are a few links on Ravelry if you search for pinwheel potholder (flower potholder brings some up as well).

Here's one with 7 points rather than the 6 above:

Or 8 points:
I really like that!

Smurf ice cream has been tried by my boys (we also live in Brussels). It has some, er, interesting effects the next day...
I love the colours of the pot holder!! They are so summery! I know what you mean about the Frozen themed party as I arranged one for my 6 year old this year.... For the cake I decided to buy a frozen cake topper on Amazon and it was a good decision as it made the cake look good! I do get stressed on those occasions even though the kids love them no matter what, don´t they? I´m at the end of my holidays and whilst I definitely can´t wait for the routine, I am not looking forward to the huge pile of washing and ironing that´s going to build up..... Have a lovely bank holiday! Pati x
L.O.V.E the colours are just fabbyliscious Sandra. I'm gonna pin you too xx
I love the shape and colours in that potholder very much. It looks incredibly complicated, all that pointing and folding...
I would think that any Smurf-named blue ice cream must surely taste of bubblegum, or something equally revolting, and my two would order it straight away. x
Pretty potholder... sweet colours. On holiday a few years ago we managed to persuade P to stay away from the blue smurf ice cream successfully - for most of the holiday. You can imagine the joy when we finally said OK. A few licks and even this little boy concluded that it looked prettier than it tasted! Hope the Frozen party went swimmingly...
How very pretty! I love the colours but the form, as those in origami, is also great!
Love it! Congrats!
This is so beautiful Sandra! I'm afraid I had to copy it - I hope you don't mind. See my post here:
I've also detailed the changes I made to the pattern to give it 6 petals, and to make it more like yours, as yours is perfect. Thanks so much for the constant supply of pretty inspiration!
Maria x
Oh course I don’t mind Maria, I’m just glad you liked my version! I’ll come and see yours now :)

Sandra x
These are terrific eye candy. I like how you go for color. Found your blog via Bloglovin' recommendations.