Calling all Blanketeers! / Weekender Blanket Border Pattern

Hello my friends in blanket making!  And to the rest of you as well of course, but this post today is very geared towards the blanket makers.  Particularly those participating in the 'along', but more on that in a moment.

First of all, I thought I'd share a couple of patten updates with you.



There is already a whole hexie and half hexie pattern available, but I thought it might be useful to have a little 'Filler' hexie to level the ends of the hexagons too.  For those of you who would prefer your blankets to be nice and squared off.  I've included a little picture below so you can see what I mean.

Then there's the border pattern too.  I settled on a one colour border, with straight edges and little bobbles along the ends.  Just in case anyone is interested in doing the same for their blanket, I've made a little chart for that too...



Now that the blanket is complete, I've updated the patterns with all the new information.  So you'll find the written instructions for all the hexie variations and for the border.  I've included the chart pictures too so you'll have them for reference.

I've made two versions of the pattern available, one with UK terms and one with US terms.  You can download either one from the Ravelry page using the link below:

I hope you'll find it useful for your blanket making endeavours and if you'd like to read more information about my blanket, the yarn, colours and size etc.  You can see this post -  Weekender Blanket is done


And now, let's get back to the Cherry Heart Blanket Along (#CHBAL)...

It's still not too late to join in, if you haven't already.  We're working on all blankets, old WIP's and new projects, so it's fairly open and you don't need to finish, just show us the progress you've made.  So feel free to just dive in and join us.

Especially because we are now getting to towards the end of the month and it's time to talk about...


: : PRIZES : :

No 'along' would be complete without an incentive to spur us on.  As I've already seen in the along threads and using the #CHBAL tag, just the companionship and the cheers of our fellow crafters is all we really need to get our blankets moving, but it can't hurt to have a little extra push can it?

So I've been getting together a little prize for our winner to enjoy.  So far I've got:

Two balls of the gorgeously soft and squishy King Cole Cotton Soft
A cute fragranced padded heart hanger
A little strawberry needle keeper to hang on your scissors and keep those safe too - handmade by moi!
A set of six sweet retro buttons
I'll be throwing a couple of other small things in too along with a free Cherry Heart pattern of the winners choice.


The four runners up will also be able to choose a Cherry Heart Pattern to receive.

Exciting eh?

To Win...

1.  Post a picture of your blanket progress in the Ravelry thread:

2.  Tell us how much progress you made.

(Maybe you finished the whole blanket, maybe you made 5 more squares or got half-way through your rows.) 

3.  Vote for your favourite.

The blanket with the most 'love' on Ravelry will win.  So have a look through the thread, choose your favourites and squish the 'love' button on the ones you like best.

The Rules...

Only entry per blanket.
So if you are working on two blankets, you can do two posts.  But please don't post the same blanket more than once.  Thank you!

Remember to post before the thread is locked down.
(I'll close the thread on 31st March at 10pm UK time)

I'll remind you again closer to the closing date, so that you can work right up to the wire if you want to!

Good luck and I'll be so looking forward to seeing all your wonderful work.

S x




  1. Blimey! Your first photo stopped me in my tracks - absolutely gorrrrgeous! *sigh*

    I shall definitely be going to have a nose at all the entries on Ravelry. Good luck to all CHBALers! xx

  2. Maybe I should join working on three blankets at the same time. :)

  3. I didn't realize there were prizes. I just joined for the fun and challenge of making my first blanket! Also the top picture is gorgeous! I might have gotten into crochet much sooner if I had seen beautiful blankets like that before!

  4. Oh goody - a new pattern and a border at that - I am sort of a pattern hoarder and especially border patterns. I really love this one so thank you.

    and also goody about the giveaway. The package looks lovely and I love all of your patterns so to get to choose one would be so much fun to win.

    thanks again for maintaining such a wonderful blog

  5. Beautiful! Love the border with the bobbles xx

  6. I love that bobble border thank you so much for the pattern. I have been quietly following the CHBAL and am making a blanket using squares from the 200 crochet blocks by Jan Eaton, I don't think I will manage to get it finished by the end of the month but I will have a good try. :)

  7. All your blankets are scrummy and this one is no exception! You always choose such gorgeous colours :-) Thank you for the fab hexie patterns, I particularly love the border design. I'm very inspired and it's great that you give all the info in such detail. Now to add this latest Cherry heart design to my wishlist, sigh! Xx

  8. So lovely-the colors and patterns are stunning! Going to get my needle out,

  9. You are talented. I bookmarked your pattern on Rav.

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  11. just LOVE your photos - they always make me oooo and ahhhhhh

  12. I'm glad to see that I'm not too late to join you all! I finished 2 blankets last week but, as I'm making another one now, I'll go with that. :-)

  13. Hey Sandra, beautiful photos as always - and thank you for the lovely pattern. I have added it to my list. It's long, but I'll get there. Thanks also for hosting the blanket along. Although I've not been vocal in the forum I've enjoyed the extra feeling of community and motivation that this has instilled. I've even joined IG as a result although I think my time there will be sporadic!! Anyhow, big thanks!! J9 x

  14. I love coming to visit your blog! Like heather - your first photo got my attention! when i come here i get lost in a world of colour and i love every minute of it. I'm about to go and spend a fortune on yarn and it's all your fault! ^_^