Thank you, lovely readers, for your kind comments after my last post.  Sweet words about my shawl and kind understanding of my airy fairy-ness of late.  

My head is still a little elsewhere I must confess and all too often lately I find myself stopping in my tracks and staring into space like an elderly dog.  My mind suddenly taken over with distracting thoughts and my current task lost somewhere along the way.  

I'm doing in now in fact, the tennis is on and instead of getting on with this post I am staring at the tv wondering why it looks so sunny and warm in London when it's so grey and chilly here, a mere 50 or so miles away.  Worse than that, I just googled the distance to The Queen's Club just to see quite how far it was.  I had put about 40, it turns out it's closer to 50...

Still, enough about all that time wasting nonsense.  Get on with things Sandra, get on with this post!

I thought I'd share a couple of little sewing things I made.  I haven't managed to spend half so much time in the sewing room this past year and so I've been trying to find a little time to get in there if I can.

I whipped up a phone case for my lovely Hubs, based on my trusty old tutorial from ages ago and was rather pleased with the outcome.  Good 'man colours' I thought...

... In fact, not just man colours, I rather like them for myself too.  I got a few new fabrics a while ago, pretty much with this project in mind.  He wants an iPad cover too, so I'll be able to use them again to make a little co-ordinated set.  I had an idea of the sort of thing I wanted to use and so scoured the internet looking to see if my little notion of the type of fabrics I wanted actually existed out there in the world and yippee for me, they did!  In pretty much as close to what I had thought of as I could of hoped for too.

I really do want to get the iPad cover done too as I want to use those fabrics again.  Must find a moment.  It's on The List.

Another time, I had just a short amount of time to snatch at the sewing desk but I was determined to make something, so these cute little fabric pots were the perfect thing.  I'm going to use them in my draws to try and help keep some kind of order.  They are badly needed, everything has just been 'bunged' into the desk draws fairly haphazardly and as you can probably imagine, that doesn't sit well with me at all!  Another job on The List, but these are a nice starting point.

I'm holding sewing feet in one and pins for my board in the other.  Very useful and I shall certainly make more.  I found the tutorial for them here, if you are interested yourself.

Then, last of all I have these little darlings to share.  Little crochet picture frames that I made up for the lovely people at Love Crochet Magazine.  These were so much fun to do and I'm really pleased with how they turned out.  I especially love the one with the bird, the edging of that one came out just how I wanted it too and that did please me I can tell you.  I'm not sure I can pick an outright favourite though...

I'm a little bit biased obviously, but I'm quite keen on all of them.
They would look so cute on the craft room wall too, don't you think?

You can find the pattern in Love Crochet Magazine, the June issue (20) is out at the moment if you fancy some of your own.

You can now download the Picture Perfect Frames pattern online...