Autumn Makes...

I ended up blathering on so long in my last post about my change in heart towards autumn that I didn't get around to saying anything about what I'm actually making at the moment.  An oversight that I thought needed correcting!

But where to begin?  Uncharacteristically for me, I've actually got quite a few things on the go at the moment.  I'm sort of ok with it so far, but I know I'll get a bit twitchy if it lasts too long, so I'd better make sure I get on with some things.

Luckily, after reaching a sticky spot with a few of them, I've now worked past various awkward parts and things seems to be flowing smoothly at the moment.

Take that picture right up at the top there.  That was supposed to be an easy peasy little scarf.  I've had the notion to make it for a while but it turned out to be one of those things that's tricky to get going than anticipated.  First I had a struggle on settling on just the right selection of colours and pondering that question held things up for a good few weeks.  Then, when I did finally start, I suddenly realised that it was probably going to go in another direction than I originally intended.  It's going to be a little more intricate than I first thought and I've been experimenting to find out exactly where this new path leads.  It's been quite fun though and I think I know my way now!

Then there's my trusty Battenberg Blanket, you can find out more about it here, if you haven't seen it before.  It's an absolute juggernaut of a blanket and it's my favourite thing ever.  It was with very mixed feelings that I added the final square the other week.  I'm delighted to be almost finished and I'm so sad to feel it's coming to an end at the same time.

That might be the reason that I put off coming up with border ideas for quite a while.  The border really is the beginning of the end isn't it?  I've been sorting out that little conundrum this week though so I'm ready to start the final stretch now.  Well, ready-ish, I kind of want to drag it out a while yet!

I actually pulled out my loom for the first time in forever this month too, and strung the old girl up ready for action!  The plan is a cowl, so I've been shuttling back and forth to add on the inches before I tackle the somewhat scary prospect of joining and sewing the ends together.  Another 'sticky' issue to be worked through before this becomes a ta-dah moment.  Again, I think I've found the way though.  I think.  I'm still a bit scared though!

Also up above are some very relaxing granny's that I'm working on.  This started off smoothly enough as a potential jumper and whilst I merrily worked away on row after row of soothing stitches, the mind was cogitating the logistics of turning it into a jumper at some point.  As is the theme of this post, my aim was simplicity.  As ever with me though, I had to make things at least a little more complicated and so some re-jiggery has been going on.  Happily, things are getting back on track now though...

Well, this post is also going on for longer than anticipated so I'll spare you for now and leave the rest til later.  It's mostly socks, so maybe I'll have a little autumn socks round up separately.

In the meantime though I'll leave you with the next project I'm contemplating.  I pulled out this basket of yarn scraps the other day for a bit of quick crochet experimenting and as I looked down at it, I suddenly saw forming in my minds eye, a blanket... 

I intend for it to be completely simple.  But then, I always do!

S x




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  1. Lot's of things on the go and a little preference for 'tweedy' yarns at the moment! All exciting stuff, even a loom! I tend to have several things on the go as well. It gives me the variety I need and stops 'burn-out' from doing only one thing week after week!

  2. All of your projects are so beautiful! I always feel inspired by your projects, but my crochet skills are very questionable. I am trying and thinking I need another class ;). I have been wanting to do some granny squares, and I have purchased several of your patterns. Maybe the little squares in your current blanket is just what I need. I look forward to seeing your finish on that one and hopefully a pattern, too :) I never tire of reading your blog or seeing your podcasts, as you always have such wonderful things to show. Thank you <3

  3. I always love your colour palettes. You have some great projects on the go there Sandra. Jo x

  4. All beautiful makes... happy autumnal making days!

  5. Hi Sandra,
    All beautiful things you're making. Love the colours of the first scarf. Beautiful. Lovely things you're making.
    Happy autumnal days :-).

    Sweet greetings,

  6. Beautiful blanket! Lovely colours. All your works are beautiful. I usually have a few things on the go also. I get "bored" with one project. I have two cowls and a pair of socks. I even will start a fourth, but weaving, nope, sold all my looms and fixin's for them including yarns. Not enough room and I know that knitting is my passion. Not super good at it, but I love it. Thanks for sharing your projects.

  7. I love all of the pretty Crochet Projects that you are working on...they are so lovely. I love crocheting especially at night cause it is so very relaxing. The colors of your projects are so pretty.

    Happy Crocheting...Happy Autumn
    Linda K, Buttercup

  8. Hi There,
    The scarf is beautiful - what years are you working with for it?

    1. Not years, yarns....

    2. Thanks so much! There's actually a whole range of yarns in this one. I'll point you in the direction of my Ravelry page if that's ok as I have them all listed there with the colour names and everything...

      S x