Getting Ziggy Squared² is here!

Hooray, hooray, it's a Ziggy* pattern release day!

Yes, I'm glad to say that all everything is now ready to go and the Getting Ziggy Squared² Blanket pattern is here and available for you.

If you have been watching the podcast for a bit, this blanket may well look familiar to you, I chatted about it when in the process or making it (Ep 49) and when it was done too (Ep 50).

I don't think I've really spoken about it much here on the blog though, so let's have a quick re-cap...

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*That's the crocheted type of Ziggy, not the Stardust version of course...
 although, personally,  I'm a fan of both.

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This blanket idea came about because of a shawl that I designed quite a few years ago now, called the Getting Ziggy Shawl.  The twist being that the shawl is made sideways on with the zig zagging happening on an angle.  The geometry of the shape really appealed as did the challenge of figuring out how to make it happen in crochet.

Since then I've pondered the idea of a 'squared' off, blankety version.  There are plenty of zig zag blankets about, but I really liked the idea of keeping the zigging on an angle, but still fitting it into a nice neat rectangle shape.  The idea of 'taming' the ziggy zaggy shape really appealed to me.

You know how it is with ideas though, having them is one battle, getting the thing into reality is another struggle entirely.  But luckily for me, I have a demanding niece with a love of unicorns!  I wouldn't blame you if you didn't immediately see how that helped me with making a blanket, but the link, albeit tenuous, is there.  Let me explain...

She was having her bedroom decorated.  Because, when small girls grow big and move out of their toddler bed, they need to throw off the shackles of baby-hood and assert their new identities.  My niece, like many, is obsessed with unicorns.  Unicorns were to be the theme of the new bedroom, she wanted a unicorn toy (which I duly made) and a 'unicorn' blanket.  Whatever that might be.

After thinking for a while about what might pass for a 'unicorn' blanket, I suddenly remembered some beautiful colours of Caron yarn that I got on a trip to America and also, the fact that I'd had the good sense (as it turned out) to pick up some sparkly yarn at the same time.  I don't think a unicorn blanket would be fit to be called the name with out some sparkle, do you?

It seemed to me I could please my niece and scratch my design itch at the same time.  The idea wasn't shouting UNICORN in an obvious way though and I had to get it cleared. I showed my niece the colours, explained the idea, and waited to see if it passed muster.  She agreed and was most pleased with the notion and with the nod from Mum too, I had got the green light!

So the 'Essence of Unicorn' blanket was made and gifted last year.  I have one very happy niece and now, some time later, a pattern to share with you...

: :   G E T T I N G   Z I G G Y   S Q U A R E D ²   B L A N K E T   : :

by Sandra Paul

Getting Ziggy Squared² Pattern
See link for more details and price in your currency

I hope you enjoy it and if you'd like to share, please do tag me (IG: @sandracherryhrt)
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I'd also like to take a moment to thank my wonderful testers, who did a brilliant job for me and made some absolutely beautiful blankets.  Thank you all so very much!

S x




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mrsrobinson said…
Oh my, another gorgeous blanket!
ezgi said…
Very beautiful, and wonderful color combinations
Hi Sandra,
Such a beautiful blanket Sandra. Also love all the colours. It looks amazing.

Sweet greetings,
Anonymous said…
I had no intention of making any more blankets, but this pattern is lovely and will soon have to be mine. I especially like the fact that I can use a lot of stash yarn since smaller amounts will just be used for the shorter corner stripes. (I still receive a LOT of compliments for your Canal Roses one, by the way). Vicky