Reader, I frogged them!

Reader, I frogged them!

In the highly likely event that you can't immediately recall the exact content and theme of my last post to make sense of that sentence... cutting a long story short, I attempted some worsted weight socks in that yarn above but it didn't really work out.

The idea of worsted (or aran) weight socks, I love.  It's an idea I definitely want to revisit, when I have some yarn that will fit the bill.  It just turns out that this yarn doesn't work, at least not for me, or maybe at least, not on that needle size.  A lot of you thought that it wasn't quite right and that the yarn looked wrong, not happy, too squashed and squeezed on the 3.75mm needles I'd chosen and I have to say, I agree.

A few of you thought pushing through to get the satisfaction of the super cozy sock would be worth a go and at first, I thought the same.  But when the evening rolled round and it came to picking up and knitting on them, I procrastinated and avoided them.  I thought about trying different needles but the idea didn't excite me right then.  So, I took the plunge and frogged.  

I feel better for it too.  I think the different size needles idea is definitely worth a try but I need to wait until the urge strikes I think.  

In the meantime, I've moved on to pastures new for my sock knitting kicks.

I had another batch of yarn sitting in the basket, I'd wound it up with the intention of starting another Frosted Sugar Plum shawl but it was one of those projects that 'failed to launch'.  Again, where I had started with initial excitement and enthusiasm, this seemed to quickly give way to procrastination and prevarication.  

I wasn't quite sure why at first, but it turns out my subconscious knows me better than I do, because in the end I figured out that I wasn't really too sure about the yarn colour and pattern combination when it came to the crunch.   I seems I had decided that it wouldn't be a happy marriage between the two and once I figured that out, I have to say, I agree with myself!

So, I suddenly had two beautiful wound up skeins of hand dyed double knit yarn and a sock shaped gap to fill!  It doesn't take a genius to join those dots does it? 

Yep, so I'm off on another sock adventure and this one I'm SO much happier about.
I've sailed through the cuff and am almost ready for the heel.  But it was only a few rows before I knew that this decision was entirely and wonderfully right.  The yarn is looks gorgeous and feels utterly amazing.  Yep, this one has clicked into place like a dream.

Finally, we have a winner!

S x




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  1. The new colour choice is bang on! There is a lesson here that we should listen to our inner self or whatever we choose to call it.

  2. Your new socks are looking amazing. Good choice!

  3. Oh, that’s so much better (sigh). Now you can relax and 😉 ps. I eventually finished my Cha Cha chevron socks and love them.thank you for the pattern.

  4. Yes. Great decision and these socks will be a double triumph having been born out of a sacrifice.🙂

  5. It is best I think, if you are avoiding the project then it can't be right can it! Jo xx