Monthly Musings - April


Looking at through my photos for April, I was a little surprised to find an Easter picture in there, it seems so long ago now.  We really enjoyed the holiday break though.  I think my Little Miss and I were looking forward to it just at much as we ever would do in 'normal times'.  In fact, in my case, probably even more so, as our start into home schooling wasn't particularly smooth and it was a relief to set it aside for a few weeks.

We love a little lazy at home time during the holidays, me and my girl, so for the most part we carried in much the same way as we would have done anyway.  Of course, it wasn't quite the same and she had some fun stuff planned that had to be cancelled, which was obviously a shame, but she took well and compensated by spending time online with friends.

I find I'm managing to get a few things done by working around home school and lesson time slots.  Although it's really easier to fit in bits of crafting here and there than it is any really useful work, I did manage to get a free pattern out for my Silver Linings Hanger, which I came up with as I wanted to hang a rainbow in our window too.  To me it symbolises what I'm trying to do right now, which is keep looking for any bright side in all this.  It's something to hold on to.  You can read more about it here, if you like.

Silver Linings Hanger

It feels like nature has burst into life this past month.  We've had pretty good weather which has been a relief to us as we are lucky enough to have a good garden to enjoy as well as making sure we take our government sanctioned walk each day.  It's so good to feel the sun on our faces, see the blossoms bloom and then leaves starting to appear.  It's much easier to feel happy in spring sunshine I find.  Warmth is good, I don't need lots of heat!

Back in the days when you could obtain bread flour I was working on my sour dough skills but it's been rather a mixed bag.  The first one was pretty good, then a disappointingly flat one, followed by something that was at least passable again.  The only snag is, in stark contrast to the whole of Instagram, we aren't quite sure how much we really like results.  The favour is good, but it's the texture we're not sure on.  We've decided it's slightly 'crumpety' and whilst it's ok first day, and good toasted, the second day is a bit more of a challenge.  

To be honest we all kind of prefer the regular loaves I was making before, although maybe that's just because I haven't honed my sourdough making skills sufficiently yet?  Still, I feel like we are a dreadful disappointment to the internet and must start eating yoghurt in jam jars with chia seeds at once to compensate.  Or perhaps if I made and posted a dalgona coffee or two?

Anyway, we are back to the home school routine now and despite my feeling of trepidation about it, things have been a lot easier since the break.  Information is coming through in a more structured lesson format now and so we can simply follow our timetable and she can get cracking.  My role is time keeper and classroom assistant, although depending on subject, my usefulness in that area is debatable.  If only crochet or knitting was on the options list!

Talking of which, I realise that I've hardly mentioned any crafting projects in this post.  I've struggled to settle on things a little in this second half of the month to be honest.  I have do have a few things on the go... An embroidery kit which I got from the talented Nicki Franklin (The Stitchery).  Then on the spur of the moment I started a granny stripe blanket when I wanted something completely simple and soothing and I'm also attempting a crochet cardigan idea that I've been wanting to begin for ages.  

They are all lovely projects and enjoyable enough but at the same time, nothing is really grabbing me. Generally speaking, this 'lockdown life' we are living right now aligns quite well with my normal day to day and so it's been fairly easy for the most part to stay in my little homely bubble.

But this month that bubble has been rather knocked about.  Worries over people who have become ill, followed by relief for those that are recovering, and then such sadness for my uncle, who did not.  The virus has rather burst through into our lives this month.  This strange situation we find ourselves in feels quite unreal and yet, the consequences are so very real, it's a hard one to wrap the old head round.  

Thankfully though I have two wonderful people here with me and they take care of me well.  And I am very happy to say that all three of us are still safe and very well, so do not worry on that score.  If we are looking to count blessings, and I think we should, I have a couple of big ones right there. 

Stay safe everyone.

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  1. So agree with you on your Instagram/sour dough/chia seeds with yogurt in jam jars comment - made me laugh out loud

  2. I've yet to eat a chia seed and have limited experience of sour dour. It's always funny to me that Instagram all start doing the same things but I just sometimes wonder why? I so agree that normal bread is much tastier and all those holes in the bread don't give you much to eat do they?

    Glad that all is well with your own nearest and dearest family members, but sincere condolences for the loss of your uncle. Your blog post is very well and authentically written - another of your skills, I think. Nothing overdone but your lovely kind self coming through the words just the same and I enjoy your sense of humour too. I love your rainbow and am especially looking forward to seeing your new cardigan progressing.

    Don't worry about the home schooling too much, my daughter was at home for several years and I seriously did very little. She mostly read her way through the time. Picked up formal education in college and then went to uni. A lot of time at school is spent 'herding' so your time at home learning is much more concentrated.

    Thanks for posting, it's very cheering to see new posts and podcasts popping up. I hope people see this as the good side of social media. I am very thankful for it.

    Keep well.

  3. Hi Sandra,

    I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. These times are so strange. Your breads look really nice. My mom is into the breadmaking as well right now. When I have the weekend off, she makes bread on Saturday, and on Sunday we make cinnamon bunns. NomNomNom. I really like your stitching project, it looks great. Hope you get on well with homeschooling and You stay safe and Healthy.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    Sweet greetings,

  4. Preciosos tus trabajos, preciosas fotografías. Que buena pinta tiene ese pan!!!!