Podcast 86

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Show Notes

: :   B E H I N D   M E   : :

Hanging behind me today is my...

Silver Linings Hanger

and on my table is my...

Bright Star Blanket

: :   D O N E   : : 

Silver Linings Hanger

(And pattern link)

Boho Bunting
Ravelry Page

Kitchen Window Thing
Ravelry Page
Sorry, no pattern as yet!

: :   D O I N G   : :

Understated Jumper
Ravelry Page

Vintage Beehive Embroidery
from Nicki Franklin Needlework

: :    P I P ' s   : :
(Patterns in progress)

Bright Star Blanket

Pattern out now!

by Sandra Paul

Available in UK and US terms

: :   G O O D I E S   : :

None this time!

S x





  1. Hi Sandra,
    I love the little curtain you crocheted. You embroidery is beuatiful. I saw your Nan's shawl again and I thought, could it be LoomBlooms?? I have an old loom bloom from my mom and also bought a new one to use with a book but never got around to doing it. But could that be it?? Don't know, just thought you might want to know. I hope you and your family do have a lovely Easter (holidays).

    Sweet greetings,

  2. I love the curtain and would love to buy the pattern when you finish it. I especially love the little lacy points on the hem. I love crafty things to beautify my home - my favorite place to be so look forward to seeing it.