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I don't know if it still counts as news, but about two weeks ago now, Ravelry rolled out a brand new website design.  Unfortunately, things haven't been entirely smooth with their 'New Look'.  (Here's a brief summery)

I'm one of those that was initially very excited to see a new design and although there is lots about it that I love, unfortunately I find that using 'new' Ravelry causes me uncomfortable eye strain very quickly, which will lead to a headache if I continue.

Luckily for me, that for the time being at least, I am able to switch back to the 'Classic' Ravelry while the team make changes to the new design, and I hope that in time, the problems will be fixed so that Ravelry is available to all once again.

In the meantime though, I've been trying to make sure that I'm offering you an alternative way to purchase or download my PDF patterns, so this last week I've working on that...

Paid For Patterns

When it comes to purchasing patterns, I already have many on them on the Love Crafts site and I'm glad to say that my designer page there is now up to date, and I've added the links to all my pattern pages.  So whenever you go into one of my pattern pages you will see a choice of a Ravelry or Love Crafts Link.

I've also been meaning to get my patterns onto Etsy forever and and day, so this seems a good time to finally knuckle down and get that done.  I'll be working on that shortly.

Free Patterns

This is a little more tricky.  At the moment my free patterns are on Ravelry and so wherever possible I've made it so that you can download the file straight to your computer.  However, where there is a choice of files to download, you will be directed to a Ravelry page to select which file to download.  

(If you have already logged in and made the switch to 'Classic' Ravelry, you should see the page in 'Classic' view, but I understand that there are some exceptions.)

If you do not wish to download from a page that could be the new style, just let me know and I can send the pdf directly to you.

I am searching for an alternative way to deliver free PDF files but I'm not too sure there are many sites that are willing to host files for free.  (If you know of any, let me know!)  I don't really want to charge for patterns that have been free, or put them behind a paywall like Patreon either, so I don't have a quick solution to offer I'm afraid.  I'll keep working on that though and will let you know if something changes.  

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  1. Hi there. Gumroad is a platform that allows you to host both free and paid digital files. You simply choose the 0+ value when setting up the listing. This also means that whilst customers can get it for free, the + gives them the option to pay a price of their choice if they want to. It's awesome and it's where I've started moving my patterns to as well instead of only my knitting ebook.

  2. Sunnie Mitchell30 June 2020 at 12:37

    Hiya, and about free patterns - you're already on LoveCrafts for your paid patterns (where I've bought 'one or two':) and as they do offer free patterns from many of their designers as well as paid, could you put your free ones there? Just a thought.
    Another thought - love this blog! Been reading, learning, and buying patterns for the past several years and you really are top of my go-to list. Remember your colour palettes? I certainly do - I saved them all and refer to them often:)

    1. Yes that's true! I did just find that they also do free downloads the other day. It's an option if I can't find anything else, but honestly their interface is so unbelievably slow and clunky I'm really hoping to avoid that option!

  3. I'm glad you are doing this -

    1. Thanks Jackie. I hope you haven't been too affected by the changes!

  4. Hi, maybe you could add the free patterns to your blog and then there will be no need to go anywhere else. Just a thought, not sure how it all works and if that is even possible.

  5. Good luck in your search, so lovely to read a blog from you and look forward to watching a podcast soon.

  6. Hi Sandra. I haven't even visited Ravelry in a million years... Got to check it out. Googling your issue and found this: Looks interesting but I have no experience or knowledge about it. Good luck Sandra. Hope all is well. Xxxx

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  8. I love the way your blog is set out now, Sandra. It makes it very easy to look through and find all your lovely patterns and tutorials. I must admit that I don't go on Ravelry very often as I don't care for their layout and prefer visiting blogs like yours. I also greatly appreciate the video tutorials you have made!
    I had to delete my first comment because of a couple of typos

    1. Oh thank you so much lovely, that's good to hear! ❤️


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