30 March 2011

Oooh.... Shiny!

We decided to go on a family shopping jaunt this weekend because it won't be too long before we will go on our holiday and we needed some essentials for the trip.  We also needed to find a birthday present for my sister-in-law and it was while we were supposed to be looking for this that a little something caught our eyes and almost as one, we turned to look at the oh so shiny something!

We were all so taken with it that we decided to buy it then and there, even though we hadn't been even remotely thinking of buying such a thing.  What terrible impulse shopping you may think, and you're probably right.  But, I'm going to unveil it to you and then you can judge for yourselves...

I took it out of it's box yesterday and here it is all swaddled in it's packaging

Nothing much to see yet, so I started to remove the cardboard outer, my excitement growing all the time

Not looking too good yet, but you may be getting a little idea?  There was much more unwrapping to be done, so I set to work, carefully removing a billion little plastic bags

And hundreds and thousands of elastic bands

It was time consuming, but I'm glad they took care to secure it so well.  Here it is all uncovered and ready to go

Not quite in it's full glory yet, but looking a lot more interesting!  Next, I hung it up and gave it pride of place in my hall.  Here, now you can enjoy it in all it's hanging, shiny, colourful loveliness!

Look how pretty!  Isn't it fab?  It's a 'Bohemia Easyfit' and it was love at first sight for me, and as my darling hubby had exactly the same experience at exactly the same time, and The Darling Child seemed very distraught at the thought of leaving it,  it seemed that we had no choice but to buy it.  I think we did the right thing though.  

The best part is, I keep forgetting that we got it and every time I walk into the hall I see it and it makes me smile to see such a lovely thing hanging there - wonderful.

I think I'll leave you with some gratuitous dangley close ups for your viewing pleasure....


S x

28 March 2011

A Taste of a Room to Come...

We have a small spare room which has, or rather had, a dressing table, wardrobe, cupboard crammed full of crafting things/photos/general junk.  Since we moved The Darling Child out into the larger bedroom, this room had become the house 'dumping ground', in summery, a rather dreary and unloved corner our home.  For some time, I had been harbouring a little dream to turn this space into a a little crafty haven for me.

I planned in my mind how it should be, day-dreamed about it and wondered if it could ever come to be.  Things would need to be brought and the Husband would have to be convinced - there seemed to be many obstacles to be overcome.  But, as so often is the case, fate or maybe something less dramatic stepped in and knocked the first hurdle out of the water.  My sister needed to get rid of her rather huge (and eminently suitable for crafting) table to free up some space in her house.  So I suggested a swap, I would take her very large desk off her hands and she could have my nice, petite dressing table in return.  She was agreeable and things were arranged accordingly.  So, problem one was solved, I had a beautiful area on which I could sew and generally get creative!

As this rather fortuitous happening seemed (to me at least) to be a sign that maybe all that I wished for could become reality, I started approaching the subject with my darling spouse.  It would be tricky, not only cash would be required but also, lifting, carrying, lugging, assembling, dismantling and other 'work' type words would be needed and I couldn't do alone.  However, in the fullness of time I got the whole family on my side and in the course of a weekend we managed to change the spare/dumping room into a proto-crafty room.  It wasn't pretty, things were shoved in haphazardly in order to get things done in time, but the bare bones were there - success.

Next came the fun part.  Time to sort, order, organize and beautify!  Which is what I have been working on for the last couple of weeks.  I have been covering boxes, making baskets, sorting buttons, winding ribbons, filing magazines, filling jars, framing pictures and generally enjoying myself.  I'm almost ready to show you all what I've been up to but I still have the curtains to make, so... (I know, how mean am I?)... until then I am going to leave you with these few, tantalising photos as an appetiser.

Main course, complete with before and after shots will follow shortly, I promise!

S x

20 March 2011

Cotton Candy Cupcakes

I originally made these cupcakes quite a while ago and I never posted about it at the time, so I thought I'd better redress that now.  Some time after I made my Yummy Scrummy Cupcakes, I had a hankering to make a set of cakes in a 4ply cotton.  I'd been using Rowan Milk Cotton for a few little projects and had found it beautiful to work with and been very pleased with the results, so I took myself on a trip to my local John Lewis and spend a happy half hour perusing all the available colours and deciding on the best cakey combinations.  Ahhh, such bliss!

Now I had my lovely yarn, I made a start.  I didn't want to use the Yummy Scrummy pattern because I was using a smaller yarn size and I still wanted the cupcakes to be the correct kind of 'cupcakey' size.  Also, although I do love my Yummy Scrummy Cupcakes, they do have a very full top and I wanted I little more of the authentic baked look for this batch.  So, I set about experimenting with different sizes and stitches until I had a new pattern that I was happy with.

I also wanted to do something more with the decorations on top of the cake.  For the Yummy Scrummy cakes I added a flower, which is wonderful but I wanted so much more for these little beauties.  I wanted to be able to add cherries (of course!) and use some of my beads, to give these cakes a more decadent, sumptuous and scrumptious look.  So I started to play with different types of icing and garnish for my cakes.  It was such fun experimenting with different toppings.  Umm, they truly were starting to look go enough to eat!

And of course, I'm particularly fond of the cherries on top, especially the stalks and the way they curl over.  Little things eh? 

I spent quite a ridiculously long time on this project, considering they are such little things, but I wanted them to look just right and I wanted every element to be of my own creation, so that it could all be included in the pattern.  Because, yes, there is a pattern!  That way, hopefully everyone else (who enjoys such frivolity as I do), could re-create them too.

So here they are, arranged of their cake stand, looking wonderful and almost too cutsie-pie for words.  I have them sitting out on the sideboard in my hall where I can enjoy them every time I go past and what happiness they bring me.  (I told you it was the little things that please this mind!)

If you too find that these silly little trifles make you heart swell with creative urges and longings,  I have put the in my shop and you can fly straight to it now if you should wish too with this link:

Yummy Scrummy Cotton Candy Cupcakes

I'm asking a small charge for this pattern as I spent such time and love putting all this cakey goodness together and I felt that was worth a little something.  I hope you do too, but you could always try some Yummy Scrummy Cupcakes if you're not convinced, as they are free as a bird!

Love to one and all,

S x
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