At last, it's almost Easter.  It feels like it's been a long time coming this year.  Partly because it's a late Easter but mostly because for us, it's right at the very end of the school holiday.

It has given us a chance to get the Easter tree sorted out in good time for once though.  I'm still very much enjoying the look of my fake branches from last year.  I got them from Dunelm Mill and they are not so authentic perhaps but they are certainly easier to deal with and to decorate.  My Hoppity rabbits are all strung up on the mantle too.  Their third outing so far and of course, the Huggie Bunnies are storing their treats, all ready for the weekend.

I thought I'd share a little of what we've been up to so far...


We're well into our second week now and we've managed to fit a lot in this time around.  My Little Ponies, Hama beading, gardening, days long games of Monopoly, swimming and the sun has meant some time outside too.  The park, assault courses in the garden and a new game, apparently called 'field dominoes'.  Which involves hiding our oversized foam outdoor dominoes around the garden and then hunting down a tile before you can take your turn.

Real Little Ponies

From the plastic play kind, to the real life kind, ponies have featured these holidays.  Little Miss has been for her first ride on a horse and she absolutely loved it.  It was kind of exciting for me too as it's something I did for a long time when I was young and enjoyed a lot.  She's been talking about the idea for a little while so this seemed a good time to try.

She was full of chatter about everything she'd done afterwards and immediately asked when she could go again.  So we've another ride lined up this week.  I don't know if it's something she'll want to stick at, but maybe the fact that Jessie is her favourite dress up costume is no coincidence!

A Plan Comes Together

My slowly progressing stars that I started last month, are now complete and the whole project is starting to come together at a rate of knots now that the more intricate part is done.  I'm now even further along than this photo shows and I am so in love with how the 'V' stitch part is looking.   It's coming out even better than I had imagined,  so I'm really enjoying working on this at the moment.

At Last

If you were here last summer you might just remember this Dancing Flowers Shawl that I was working on in the summer holidays.  I promised a pattern would be coming and I know that some of you have been waiting so very patiently for me to get myself together and get the pattern out to you.  Well, I'm glad to say that the cogs have been whirring in the background and I'm almost at the point where this one is ready to go.

My plan is to get the Loopy Lou Poncho finalised and released and then it will be full steam ahead on putting the last touches to this one, ready to bring out next month if all goes well.

That's all from me for now.  If you are celebrating Easter, I hope you have a lovely one and if you are lucky enough to get some extra days off like we do here, then I hope you enjoy those too.

S x

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  1. It sounds like you've had a wonderful blessed time lately, very busy and fulfilling. My daughter loves horses, too, and has taken riding lessons for years. Have a sweet day :-)

  2. It looks like you've had a lovely break. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. I love your Easter tree - must get mine sorted! And your crochet looks colourful and lovely and gorgeous as usual. Hope you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend xxx

  4. We've just discovered the delights of Hama beads...what fun! Happy Easter xo

  5. Such pretty crochet stars - don't you love it when a project suddenly starts to all come together !
    Have a lovely Easter weekend,
    Kate x

  6. I love the little flowers on the edge of your Gypsy shawl..

  7. Sounds like you've had a good couple of weeks! Happy Easter :)

  8. Lots of Monopoly, gardening and Hama beads here too. I used to go riding when I was little as well, and I take my littlest boy sometimes. He really loves it. If it wasn't so expensive I'd take him a lot more. The gypsy shawl is fantastic. When I come here I always think that I need to get to grips with crochet, you make it all look so beautiful. I hope you all have a really good Easter. CJ xx

  9. Wow I really like how that Gypsy shawl looks!
    Not that I really need any more shawls, got 5 at it is.- And 3 in the makings...
    But maybe I do need just one more..

  10. Lovely crochets!!!!!!
    Happy Easter my dear, xxxxxx Ale

  11. A fabulous Easter. I think the lovely weather has certainly helped us to have lots of fun out about! And Sandra those stars!!!!! Beautiful! Have a fabulous Easter weekend x

  12. I am seriously smitten with your starry project, and the V-stitch goes perfect with it! Your Easter tree made me smile; yesterday I had an interesting conversation with my boyfriend that started with his "What's up with the eggs and the bunnies? Where does that come from??". You see, in Spain there is no tree decorating, no decorated (or chocolate) eggs, no easter bunnies, and it al looks completely crazy to them. All of these are originally Germanic pagan symbols of fertility celebration, and have nothing to do with the Christian tradition of course. Happy Easter, in whatever view you celebrate it! :-) xxxx

  13. Here comes the beloved V-stitch! That shawl is absolutely gorgeous. And the Gypsy shawl too. Oh my oh my - I think I have to title you the shawl queen! And today I'm gonna play Monopoly with my kids too!
    Happy Easter!

  14. Your easter tree is gorgeous! Great idea x

  15. Looks like a lovely time! Happy Easter to you and yours.

  16. Fantastic!! Lovely photos - I have those same branches as my easter tree from Dunelm!! I love your updates - family and crochet alike. Loving those crochet patterns - the hem on that shawl and ooooh the lovely spikey stars. You are one talented lady. Enjoy the last of the Easter break - all over too soon. J9 x

  17. Oh my the shawl is really beautiful
    Have a sweet weekend
    Karen x

  18. My you have been busy :) I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend!

  19. Loving the Easter tree ... here's wishing you the best Easter weekend, now it's finally here :)

  20. Your Easter tree is delightful, and I loved the glimpse of bunting peeking there, hung on the mantel. Happy Easter to you and your family. xx

  21. I love your Easter decor and plan on making that bunting....just not this year. Happy Easter to you too.

  22. Oh, how your blog takes me back to when my daughter was at that lovely age. I love the Jessie dress up outfit, how good is that? And the poncho and shawl. The Gypsy shawl is gorgeous. I also like that you decorate your house for Easter. Lots of bloggers seem to do that......but no, I can't manage to do that as well as everything else. I will just enjoy your decorations instead!

  23. Somehow only just catching up with easter time blogs... Mr R was asked to go and search in the garden for suitable Easter twigs - he returned with a twig of true tree-like proportions. Patch's Easter decs looked a little lost this year!

    The v stitch looks gorgeous... and the shawl!


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