Christmas Bling

The house is filled with it's Christmas finery now and despite my recent protests that I haven't felt my usual Christmassy self yet this year, I think it's finally starting to slowly seep into me.  Not the full bubbly excitement that I usually get, but I'm enjoying the decorations, lighting my gingerbread house candle and the warm glow of the lights.

In fact, there must have been something bubbling away there under the surface all along because I actually made something for this yuletide season back in November which I had almost forgotten about.  I was inspired by the colours of my Dolly Mixtures Blanket, which for once I hadn't tired of at the end of the project as would usually be the case.  This time I wanted to make something else using them so I thought a Christmas stocking would be just the thing.

A nice and simple little thing, relaxing and quick.  Just the thing to follow a huge blanket project.  The heel isn't quite right but since it's only going to hang there I didn't worry about that too much.  Although, I must say a lot of people on IG were liking the idea of a pair of bed socks like this, so maybe a little more thought into the working of the heel would be worthwhile.  It would only take a few tweeks to make this fit real feet after all...

While I'm talking decorations, I thought I'd share a little Christmas bling with you.  I normally manage to acquire a couple of new things every year to add to my already pretty loaded tree and this year is no exception.  The tree is decked out in it's more usual colour explosion style this time around and so the mix mash of styles you see below do all find a way to sit together without looking out of place.  I particularly love the peacock, isn't he glorious?

I know this will only appeal to me, but looking back over my past Christmas posts, I like to see and remember what I've done and how things vary subtly from year to year.  Last year I had a tasteful golden tree, the year before was a colour explosion like this year and in 2011 the tree was in full colour again but the mantle was wearing colourful stars.  It's nice to see those  little changes I think.

S x




  1. Hello Sandra! Your house is looking beautiful.... love all your decorations and I really like the new crocheted stocking! Merry Christmas :) xx

  2. Your tree in its finery is glorious!! And yes....I think the peacock is my favourite too!

  3. everything (e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!) looks lovely!!!!!

  4. Where's your Christmas Tree Skirt this year?! But it does all look lovely. x

  5. Beautiful decorations, and a lovely mantelpiece. I particularly like the bauble with the folded in and out texture, it's so unusual, it reminds of a cactus. Your crochet stocking is brilliant, I often think I should make one but I haven't managed it yet.

  6. Oh I LOVE your tree! It reminds me of how our trees looked when I was a wee lass!
    Your new stocking is super cute hanging on your mantel! I need to begin crafts for next Christmas RIGHT NOW so I can have them done ... by next christimas! lol!

  7. Your home is so beautiful and cozy!! Love your sweet crocheted stocking!! Merry Christmas Sandra!! xo Heather

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  9. Your stocking is wonderful and your tree is beautiful and your mantel too! You have some beautiful decorations! It is good to change your tree around from year to year isn't it. xx

  10. I love the Christmas stocking and your lovely tree. I think you have even more baubles than me and that's saying something! Glad you are feeling slightly more Christmassy, maybe mulled wine would help!

  11. Ummm mulled wine! That is a good idea and I think will make the prefer accompaniment to the wrapping that I’m going to have to start very soon!

    Sandra x

    Cherry Heart
    ・Crochet Corner:


  12. Your tree is just beautiful! And the stocking is just perfect, I know a couple of girls who would love this. Will you be kind enough to share a tutorial with us i wonder??

    Have a wonderful Christmas x

  13. Your house looks so pretty and festive! I love the top pic of ornaments. It's SO pretty! That stocking is really cute!

  14. That is what I call bling bling Christmas! HOw delightful. LOVE your stripy stocking. Great pattern to release for next Christmas. Done and archived. Happy Holidays. I'll see you around IG land. I'm packing up and putting My Rose Valley somewhat to sleep for a while. IG is the coffee place to find me. CHeerio.


  15. That is one mega (and rather splendid) tree! I only dare put up a teeny one, too much chance that the whippets will knock it over.

  16. Goodness, from looking back at all your other tree posts, I have to applaud you and say you have a lot of Christmas tree decorations!! Mine are lacking. I need to up my game. Your tree is looking fabulous but I love your stocking most of all. If you ever wrote that up into a pattern I'd buy one! x

  17. Oh, I am enjoying a half hour or so catching up and seeing such pretty Christmassy homes! And then I'm off to school to sing carols around the Christmas tree - fun!