New - Ziggy Interrupted!

Hooray, it's here!

I'm very pleased to say that today is the Ziggy Interrupted pattern release day!

As usual, you can pop across to Ravelry using the link above (or down below) to see all the nitty gritty of the pattern information and indeed, get yourself a copy if you feel so inclined.

But if you want to stick around for a bit, I usually like to try and explain a little bit about how my patterns come about and the inspiration behind the design.

I must admit, I'm drawing a bit of a blank on what ignited the little spark behind this latest 'Ziggy' incarnation.  I suppose it's just about as a result of my other Ziggy designs.   First there was the Getting Ziggy Shawl, then more recently, the Getting Ziggy Squared² Blanket.  One thing must have led to others...

I do know that this started off a little simpler, the original idea being a long scarf of ziggy zags with the small squares only featuring at the very ends.  It turns out that didn't please my need for symmetry though, which I talked about in one of my podcasts.  So I decided to add more squares in sections throughout the scarf and make a bit of a feature of them.

And I'm soooo glad I did!  I love and adore the effect that they create and they way it breaks up the stripes and makes the whole thing so much more interesting.  Plus it adds a fab opportunity for some extra colour play, which is something I can't get enough of.

Of course, you don't need to add so many squares if you don't want to.  This pattern will be nice and easy to adapt, by adding or removing square panels or changing the number of stripes you could choose to make the scarf more straightforward or more intricate, shorter, longer, whichever suits you best.

It'd also be a quite simple matter to see how to make the scarf wider or more narrow if you wanted to do that.  Which could be handy if you fancy trying out a different yarn weight.... and I must admit, I'm sooo tempted to make a bigger, blankety version of this!

I also had a small quandary over the question of choosing pom-poms or tassels to decorate the lovely little pointed ends.  I ended up going to the fab folk on Instagram to see if that swayed me and I was happy to see a land-slide victory for tassels.  Now they are on of course, it seems the only right way to go.

The hardest part of this whole project, if you ask me, is choosing the yarn colours.  The original is made with 4ply (fingering) weight yarn and so it's a perfect opportunity to combine some of those treasured single skeins of sock yarn you might be hoarding.  It's just choosing that's not so simple, it certainly took me a while!

I listed all the details of the ways I used the colours in my scarf, and I've also included a little space for you to plan out your own colour combinations too, so hopefully that'll help you with some colour planning, if that's what you like to do too.

I also had the pleasure of working with some fabulous testers for this pattern and I thought it might be nice to show you some of their lovely versions too.  It gives me a chance to say a big thank you to them and to show you a little more colour inspiration to get you started..

Top: @arianekring @louise_at_louloucrafts @tattycatsandyarnytales
Bottom: @fran_de_fleurs @perky_puffin_crochet

Well, I think that's probably all the waffle you need from me, so the only thing now is to share the pattern link and hopefully let you get planning a lovely Ziggy Interrupted of your own...



Sandra Paul

Ziggy Interrupted Pattern
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I'll look forward to seeing you getting creative and having fun with your own Ziggy Scarves.
I love to see you bringing my patterns to life...


S x




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