Daisy Puffs Blanket

The last time I managed to get a post written was when I was telling you about my Crochet Star Quilt, well once that was finally complete and both the blanket and the pattern had made it to completion I was ready to move to the next item on my list, this Daisy Puffs Blanket.

I started this one back in September of last year, but its origins go way further back than that.  This is actually a reprise of the Daisy Puffagons that I made for a cushion cover way back in 2013, a mere ten years ago, yikes!  Those were teeny tiny hexagons, and although I wanted something a little larger this time, that center puffy flower I thought would be just perfect.

So this blanket started to come about.  I really have no idea why I made it, it has no purpose or reason.  It's been made for the simple fact that I had an idea and wanted to try it out and really I suppose, for the sheer joy of doing it.  Because I have really enjoyed making this blanket.  I've enjoyed the colours and working with this yarn, I've enjoyed playing with lots of puffy flowers and piling up hexagons ready for joining.  I've also enjoyed the border, the part I though I might find tricky, knowing that I wanted to avoid my usual go-to border strategy of all white.  But no, even that came together easily and made me happy too!

Talking of the yarn, the choice I made here, for the most part at least, was Stylecraft Bambino and Belissima.  Two different names for exactly the same yarn.  (Bambino focusses on a more pastel palette, while Bambino includes the more saturated tones.)  But whatever the name, the yarn is a soft and smooth, bouncy delight of a yarn.  It's an acrylic but it feels like sooo much more.  I actually find it most reminiscent of Cashmerino yarns and it's certainly a more budget friendly option!  It's one of my first choices for blanket yarn these days and I find it a treat to work with.

The only fly in that ointment is that although the colours in the range are very pretty, there are a couple of gaps in the spectrum which meant I had to fill in with other brands.  Something I try to avoid if possible these days, but sometimes only a certain shade will hit the spot and it seems that colour trumps all for me for I can accept no substitute.  In this instance I topped up with a sunshine yellow and soft jade from the King Cole Cherish range and it makes a pretty good match from a fibre/texture/feel and use point of view too, so I was happy.

I have made a pattern for this blanket, and if you use it I really do hope it gives you as much pleasure as it's given me.  I also joined this blanket using my 'modular join' method of joining as you go.  I originally came up with it for the Battenberg Blanket, but I'm finding I can adapt it to use for all sorts of things.  It might just be about my favourite method of joining now.  

As usual you'll find lots of information in my pattern.  All the written instructions of course, and you can choose to work from either the UK or the US abbreviations.  I've also got charts for the entire pattern, all 3 motifs and the border.  I already made a couple of video tutorials to show how to make the main hexagon motif and also to show how I'm joining these hexagons together.  So I've popped those links in the pattern as well as a few photo tutorial links that I thought might be useful.  In short, I've tried to make sure you have everything you need.  I'll pop the link below for you, I hope you like it!

Daisy Puffs Blanket

by Sandra Paul

S x




  1. your daisy puffs blanket is lovely Sandra . so pretty , love it